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by Tim Cahill

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  • Author: Tim Cahill
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epub A Wolverine Is Eating My Leg download

A wolverine is eating my leg. men, old-timers for the most part, can be found in and around Canaima. Formerly the exclusive haunt of adventurers, bush pilots, prospectors, and explorers, Canaima is, these days, a modern resort.

A wolverine is eating my leg. Set deep in a Venezuelan jungle known. as the Lost World, Canaima is only a day or two's journey by outboard-powered dugout from Angel Falls, at the base of Auyan-Tepui, the devil mountain. The resort itself is situated on an immense lagoon formed by the Rio Carrao and fringed by soft, pink sand

It was early one Monday morning. The day before I had attended a wedding where I was forced, very nearly against my will, to drink massive quantities of champagne for hours on end without surcease.

It was early one Monday morning. The day before I had attended a wedding where I was forced, very nearly against my will, to drink massive quantities of champagne for hours on end without surcease woke up that Monday in my own bed, but I was still wearing the rental tux, and the overhead light burned like an ugly accusation. My tongue was made of sandpaper. That very day I had an appointment to go lie in ten feet of water, at the bottom of the pool in the scuba school. I would be down there for about an hour.

Tim Cahill is the author of nine books, including A Wolverine Is Eating My Leg, Jaguars Ripped My Flesh, and Pass the Butterworms.

writes) with the precision ofJohn McPhee and Joan Didion tempered by a Monty Pythonesque sense of the absurd. -San Diego Union-Tribune.

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Tim Cahill brings 'em back alive

Tim Cahill brings 'em back alive. Tim Cahill is the author of seven books, including A Wolverine Is Eating My Leg, Jaguars Ripped My Flesh, Pecked to Death by Ducks, Pass the Butterworms and Hold the Enlightenment.

Tim Cahill (born 1944 in Nashville, Tennessee) is a travel writer who lives in Livingston, Montana, United States. Cahill spent his childhood primarily in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison on a swimming scholarship.

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Cahill is great! He is the . Books related to A Wolverine Is Eating My Leg. Skip this list. O'Rourke of the outdoors! Fearless and hell-bent on overcoming all obstacles in his path, Cahill takes us to the oddest and scariest adventures nature has to offer. ISBN13:9780679720263. Release Date:February 1989.

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A great voice. I was surprised by the insight into cults. My brother and his family recently moved to a cult in Montana. I now have a better understanding of the cult cognitive biases.
The only section that peaked my interest was the "Jungles of the Mind" which featured the author talking about how he infiltrated the Tony and Sue Alamo Christian Foundation in the 1970s where cults in California like Manson and Jones were still in popularity. I felt that the Alamo situation had gone flat with some retrospective views. I felt that he was just experimenting or trying to understand the followers but never did quite fit in. Of course, Tony Alamo is a cult leader and the members became indoctrinated into his church in an isolated area.
The Jonestown Massacre on November 18, 1978 was visited and the images were somewhat clear but vague at times as well upon the discovery of hundreds of rotting, bloated corpses. If the author had investigated, he would understand that everybody was pretty much held by gunpoint and had little choice. Only a few survived at all. He doesn't mention that the only follower outside Jonestown murdered her three children and herself in the Georgetown headquarters of the People's Temple.
Agan, I felt that the author doesn't offer much retrospective but I did appreciate his interviews with Odell Rhodes, Tim Carter, and others who survived the horrible ordeal.
I really felt that pictures could say a thousand words especially with Jonestown and the survivors.
No problems. Great Service.
It is as expected
This was a terrible book! It was chosen by my book club as it was acclaimed to be a wonderful travel/personal accounting book! The stories in the book were unusual, disjointed. It's organization was not necessarily in chapters which was confusing to the reader. As a journalist/former journalist, the stories just seemed as if they were stuck in to take up space. The book club members had expected the book to be somewhat like a Bill Bryson book; it was nothing like that! Our book club rated the book 2/10 and that was generous. There was never a wolverine mentioned in the entire book to boot! The most beneficial thing I learned from the book is not to read another one by this author!!!
"A Wolverine---" is the second book of articles mostly taken from "Rolling Stone" and "Outside" magazine. The articles were written as far back as 1971 when Tim was a young man indeed. And it shows. Youthful high spirits prevail, and there is much cheery bravado interspersed with excellent journalistic essays that display a remarkable maturity.
Ever wonder why people chase all over the earth to view a solar eclipse? Find out on a rollicking trip to find the absolute best place to get an unclouded view. Discover what all the shouting is about.
I am used to Tim somehow bringing me back alive, laughing all the way from the wildest, strangest parts of the world. I have always credited him with fine introspection and lyrical prose that sneaked into whatever he wrote. The guy is just incapable of bad writing.
The essays include a fine thought piece on the late Dian Fossey, the "Gorillas in the Mist" author who was murdered apparently by poachers. The essay on "reprogramming" of children who were enmeshed in cults is harrowing. Cahill has no use for the cults, but the rationale and methods of reprogramming are chilling. He infiltrated a California cult and lived there while developing his story. The living conditions (except for the leader who lived in a mansion on the hill) were unbelievably bad, yet the morale was high among the young converts. Tim presents a balanced, sometimes humorous, article that shows empathy for all except the leader.
The premier essay, which should be required reading, was his on-the-spot reporting of the Jamestown Massacre that took place in Guyana twenty years ago. The immediacy and power of his word pictures, the horror of 900 dead supposedly suicides, the incredible remoteness of the site crush with a pervasive sadness and dismay.
A Wolverine is Eating My Leg is a collection of the adventures of Tim Cahill, mostly from the early 1980's. They range from true travel adventure stories such as getting stranded in the Marquesas to darker stories, such as traveling to Guyana to report on the Jonestown massacre (the most interesting of all the articles).

The stories are varied enough that there will be something for everyone in this collection, but since they are so different from one another, all readers may not enjoy all of the stories. Cahill's cockiness about his adventures felt a bit condescending at times, but this is offset by his great sense of humour and the fact that he is not afraid to poke fun at himself.

An enjoyable read that had me googling a few of the articles for more information on the subjects.

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