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epub Cracking the New GRE with DVD, 2012 Edition (Graduate School Test Preparation) download

by Princeton Review

  • ISBN: 0375428194
  • Author: Princeton Review
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  • Rating: 4.4 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 496
  • Publisher: Princeton Review; Revised, Updated edition (April 26, 2011)
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epub Cracking the New GRE with DVD, 2012 Edition (Graduate School Test Preparation) download

Series: Graduate School Test Preparation. Paperback: 496 pages.

Series: Graduate School Test Preparation. Some people are, I am among those.

Wisely, it stresses learning vocabulary from a contextual perspective, rather than cramming words from a deck of flashcards.

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Haven't read other GRE preparation books, but I think this one's pretty good because it simplifies everything and has a lot of information on how to approach problems. Also gives you vocabulary to study and sample tests. I used Princeton's online sample test(which you can use my registering the book you have) only once, and I wished I had taken more of those.

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Free US Delivery ISBN: 080412468X.

Free US Delivery ISBN: 080412468X.

Cracking the New GRE with DVD, 2012 Edition has been completely revised and updated for the changes coming to the GRE in August 2011. It includes: •Access to4 full-length practice tests (2 online and 2 in the book) •Practice questions with detailed explanations for every question •Keystrategies for solving Text Completions, Sentence Equivalents, Numeric Entry, Quantitative Comparisons, and more •Thorough review of all GRE topics, including everything on the new GRE •DVDsupplement (completely overhauled in 2011!) with tutorials and helpful information from The Princeton Review’s top GRE course instructorIf you need to know it, it’s in this book.
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Best West
First off, this was the only book I used to study. That means that I can't really compare it to other materials, but it also means that my GRE score is a result of studying from this book alone, and not any other material.

I want to also mention that I've always been better in math/quantitative reasoning than English/verbal reasoning. The math in the GRE doesn't go beyond geometry and advanced algebra (that means there is NO trig and NO calculus on the GRE), so it's arguably an easier section than the verbal.

My Scores (UPDATED):
I now have my official scores! I received a 159 on the verbal and 160 on the quantitative sections. Both of those scores are in the 84th percentile. For the writing part, I scored a 4.5 out of 6, which was in the 72nd percentile.

The Book:

The book has different sections for each portion of the test you'll be seeing (i.e. math, writing, verbal). I'll go into detail about each, but overall it's very thorough. There's a lot of information that seems a bit silly, even elementary. For example, they go over the process of elimination. Hopefully you already know stuff like that and can just skip it, but I'm not one to judge as I had forgotten that an integer does not include decimals. Basically, this seems like a good book no matter what skill level you think you are, as it includes everything down to the very basics.

The math section in particular seemed good at preparing me for the GRE, but as I mentioned earlier I'm better at math and it doesn't get too advanced. There are plenty of practice problems for the math, and the explanations are pretty clear, although there are sometimes multiple ways to solve a problem, and they don't always explain both. The authors tend to avoid solving things algebraically when they can, and instead like to plug in numbers. Sometimes this is faster, sometimes it's not.

For the verbal sections, I felt a little confused as to some of the explanations for why a certain answer was right. There are some questions which relate to a passage you need to read, and they are often designed to simply trick you and felt a bit vague, even after reading this book's explanation. It seems the only way to get better at these types of questions is to practice a lot, and so I wish there were more practice sections for the verbal portion of the test.

In addition to the verbal practice section, there is also a section with lists of vocabulary words which is very helpful. A lot of the words in this book showed up on the GRE, so study up. I made flash cards, and would recommend the same strategy, however, vocabulary alone is not everything you'll need to do well, so work through the practice sections too.

The book has some tips and guidelines on the writing section, as well as practice prompts for you to practice writing the essays. There's also some examples of good prompts, but quite honestly I felt they were a bit unrealistic. They seemed more thought out and well planned than anyone could realistically accomplish in 30 minutes, but they do provide something to aim for. Also, some of the prompts are very abstract (and difficult in my opinion) while others are more concrete. What you see on the actual exam is just a matter of luck. I would recommend checking ETS's website for more example prompts.

Other Thoughts:
The book also contains two full length tests, which I would strongly recommend running through while timing yourself (it's crucial to know your pacing. If you rush through the exam you'll make more mistakes, and if you go too slow you won't finish). On a side note, you can also take a free practice test on ETS's website. (ETS is the company that makes the GRE)

I want to note that there are also a few mistakes in the book. Sometimes a certain answer is given as "correct", but the explanation arrives at a different correct answer. It's not a big deal really, as I didn't come across many errors and the main goal is to learn strategy and technique, so a single question isn't really important as long as you understand what's going on.

I haven't used other study materials so I can't compare (well, I guess I used ETS's website a bit, but it's free so you should too!), but this book seems to get the job done pretty well. I went through most of the practice sections, most of the vocabulary (There's over 300 words, I didn't get to them all in time) and both full-length practice exams. It's very thorough, and should have an answer to almost any question you have regarding the GRE. I feel pretty good about how I did on the GRE, and I think this book helped a lot.

Best of luck to anyone taking the GRE :)
This book does a wonderful job of explaining the strategies that you can implement when taking the GRE. In comparison with books like Barrons and the official GRE book published by the test makers this book is miles ahead in teaching you how to actually "pass" or "beat" the test. That is where the books utility sadly ends. The sheer lack of practice problems leaves much to be desired in terms of understanding the concepts which the book attempts to review. There are also a fair bit of errors in the book which I find unacceptable in some cases.

Verbal Section - Good review of what to expect on the verbal section, this is one of the hardest verbal sections out of any prep book I have studied with thus far and it does a wonderful job at truly demonstrated the level of difficulty the verbal section is going to have when you run into the real GRE.

Quantitative Section - There are some really good explanations on the quantitative section that will help you "pass" or "crack" the GRE. The writers obviously dedicated a lot of time and effort into attempting to teach the reader how to trick or take short cuts in order to make math easier. This can be a double edged sword. On one end as someone who is majoring in social sciences and only really needs around a 152/170 math score to get into my chosen program I appreciate the short cuts and strategies to get around math problems without actually learning how to do them properly. that being said, if your goal is above a 155 on the Quantitative section be warned that this book does not actually teach you how to do most word problems and quant-comp problems the proper way, instead teaching you how to get away with doing as little work as possible and plugging in the answer choices. If you are an individual who needs to get a high math score on the GRE I would advice you to purchase a second prep book or a math review book like McGraw-Hill's conquering the GRE Math.

Practice Tests - There are 2 of them in the book and 2 of them on the website. The website ones are a mess and not conveniently accessible. I would honestly say there are only 2 prep tests in this book. Purchase this book along with "GRE for Dummies", and "Conquering the GRE math" in order to get a really good feel for the GRE. By studying these 3 books together diligently for 2-3 months you will likely reach your target score. On its own the Princeton Review's Cracking the New GRE 2012 book will only get you 1/3 of the way there. If you can only afford one book, This is a good one to buy if you are fine with a 152/152 score or lower. Some people are, I am among those.

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