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epub Simply Wicca: The Green and Gentle Wiccan Way Explained download

by greenaway-leanna

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  • Author: greenaway-leanna
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  • Publisher: Zambezi Publishing Ltd (2007)
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epub Simply Wicca: The Green and Gentle Wiccan Way Explained download

Leanna Greenaway lives the green and organic life that so many modern women aspire to. Leanna and her family live in self-sufficient harmony with nature in the heart of the beautiful Devonshire countryside.

Leanna Greenaway lives the green and organic life that so many modern women aspire to. Leanna is a lifelong Wiccan. She has written two other books and she has her own monthly column in Fate & Fortune magazine.

ISBN 10: 1903065542 ISBN 13: 9781903065549. Publisher: Zambezi Publishing Ltd, 2007.

What does it take to become a witch, and cast spells and other white magic?. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Leanna Greenaway (Greenaway, Leanna). used books, rare books and new books. Simply Wicca: The Green and Gentle Wiccan Way Explained: ISBN 9781903065549 (978-1-903065-54-9) Softcover, Zambezi Publishing Ltd, 2007. Simply® Tarot (Simply® Series). Find all books by 'Leanna Greenaway' and compare prices Find signed collectible books by 'Leanna Greenaway'. Come Away With The Fairies. by Leanna Greenaway, Beleta Greenaway. ISBN 9781446719329 (978-1-4467-1932-9) Softcover, Lulu, 2011.

The Wiccan Way is a page designed for followers of the path all the basics of wicca in all . Greenaway, Leanna - Simply Wicca. Grimassi, Raven - Wiccan Mysteries.

The Wiccan Way is a page designed for followers of the path all the basics of wicca in all traditions an as the page grows s. .you want to explain to others how this book has helped you, what information you found helpful etc). please message the page! I hope that all of our members find this list helpful in some way. All of the original posters notes have been kept. Grimassi, Raven - Crafting Wiccan Traditions (a bit fluffy for my tastes).

Casting Spells and Other Wicca Magic Leanna Greenaway takes a contemporary approach to Wicca, and shows you how to use it as a healing and positive force. Today, you can practise magic with tarot cards, magnets, pendulums and more. Learn how to cast love, health, wealth, family happiness and career spells. Discover which herbs are beneficial when performing spells and rituals.

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft. This volume is a complete resource to the study and practice of modern, non-denominational Wicca. Llewellyn Publications, 1997. The book is an illustrated, self-study course for the solitary or group. This book will teach you how to win against adversaries without damaging your own karma. Providing helpful spells, methods to devise your own spells, and techniques for using household items and ordinary foods, this book shows how you can push back with the spontaneous power of the mind.

Wicca, Orion Plain and Simple also includes over 25 spells for beginners that range from fertility spells and money spells, to love spells and much more

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Comments (2)

This book is so full of misinformation that I would never recommend it to any serious Seeker wanting to know more about Wicca. Here's some of the errors that I found on a first casual reading.

"It was only in the sixteenth century when the witch hunts began that these people and their knowledge were forced underground"

The so-called witch hunts started much earlier than the 16th century, but they were not aimed at women or healers. They were aimed at identifying heretics and those who were believed to have consorted with the Devil. The idea that it was a war against women is not supported by the trial records which identify many, many men as also becoming victims. Furthermore, it is incorrect to assume that the people who were killed were Witches and certainly not Witches as we know them today.

"Karma and reincarnation are core beliefs of the Wiccan faith..."

No, they are not. Karma is a term out of the religions of the East and is often mis-used in modern Paganism. But the use of the term in this context is incorrect. Neither is reincarnation a core belief of Wicca. Some Wiccans...but assuredly not all...believe in reincarnation. Besides, Wicca is not about belief, it is about core praxis. This is why it Wicca is sometimes called a "religion without beliefs."

"Wicca is an individual faith that you can adjust and tweak to suit yourself"

Nope, this is not correct and it is statements like this that get people to thinking that "Wicca is anything I want it to be." It most certainly is not true. Wicca is a very specific set or practices. If you start mixing and matching to suit yourself you may be practicing some form of religious Witchcraft...but it isn't Wicca.

"With Wicca there is no right way or wrong way."

OK, if you take this at face value then someone who practices Wicca could include sex with children or killing animals as part of their religion and it would be acceptable since there is no wrong way? This kind of statement is used by sexual predators and others to justify what they do. It's not only totally incorrect it's downright dangerous.

"Witchcraft comes from paganism which is the oldest known religion."

Wrong. Paganism is NOT a religion, it is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of different religions. And as far as we can tell, the earliest form of religion was animism. The oldest known organized religion is Hinduism.

"Angelic Wicca... Many Wiccans are gravitating to this way of thinking because the god and goddess theory is now a little out of date."

I hardly know where to begin with this statement. First of all it is a horrendous over-generalization. In fact of all the Wiccans I have known over the years this is the first time I have ever heard it suggested that the God and Goddess are out of date! In fact working with God and Goddess is an crucial part of the praxis that identifies Wicca from anything else.

OK, I got as far as page 31 and I have mentioned the most egregious errors in this book while glossing over the rest of the lesser errors. Frankly I just couldn't bring myself to going further as I doubt that things will improve.
I wouldn't recommend this book for anyone. It seems as though it is written more on opinion than fact.

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