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epub Embracing Change: Using the Treasures Within You download

by Louise Hay

  • ISBN: 1401925774
  • Author: Louise Hay
  • ePub ver: 1489 kb
  • Fb2 ver: 1489 kb
  • Rating: 4.1 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Hay House; Unabridged edition edition (January 15, 2010)
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  • Category: Self-Help
  • Subcategory: Motivational
epub Embracing Change: Using the Treasures Within You download

In this powerful 2-CD lecture, Louise L. Hay discusses the profoundly emotional experiences that have shaped and altered her belief system—and reveals how you can also change your thinking . . . and change your life!

Louise explains how she evolved from a fearful, abused young woman without an ounce of self-esteem . . . to the successful, empowered, internationally renowned teacher/author that she is today. In her inimitably forthright manner, Louise describes how she overcame a diagnosis of cancer through the use of “tools” such as affirmations, visualization, prayer, therapy, and healthful eating. She goes on to offer insights on the role of women and elders in our society, our family relationships, our connection to our inner child, and the importance of using the treasures within us in order to release burdens such as anger, judgment, prejudice, and illness.

Comments (7)

Well, I LOVE Louise Hay, let's just make that clear. However, I'm wondering if I bought some kind of bootleg CD or if Hay House really, truly put it together this way. I bought it thinking I was getting to listen to one of her lectures - and it starts that way - but then it cuts off right in the middle of a sentence and she begins to talk about something else! It's terrible.

I'm keeping the CD because the message is there, but I feel like I got ripped off. :-(
I've been reading & listening to Louise for many years. Her message is, as she admits readily, simple. I never tire of hearing it however, nor do I tire of hearing her voice, a soothing balm.
This CD is a recording of one of her talks with a question/answer session. Simple. No background music thankfully.

Her message? As always, we can create the life we want for ourselves.

I always feel empowered by Louise, a bit more grounded and balanced.
Received today in good condition. I'm looking forward to listening to this CD from the wonderful Louise L. Hay! She's been a favorite of mine for many years. Her CDs, books and videos are so life-changing. Her sweet spirit and heart of love is very evident in her delivery. I've been a fan before she created HayHouse Publishing company. May her legacy live hundreds of years past her physical death.
Louise Hay has a very calming voice to listen to it helps to open up your mind. It gets you thinking and somehow gives us that much needed push to embrace change.
Change is challenging for all of us. It seems easier to stay the way we are then to change ourselves or circumstances in our lives. Without change we will never grow and that is important. We need to be willing to open up to this, that is what Louise teaches us. She is a fantastic teacher I know I certainly need more teachers like her in my life.
Louise is looking gorgeous here. Even though these 2 CDs were recorded in 2007, Louise gives her astounding and pioneer opinions on Universal topics. Some of them are shocking and difficult to accept at first place, but after being an observer, I realize that it finally becomes true. Thanks to Louise's affirmations, I created in 2002 my tiny firm and ecology has become a new economy and religion for me.
This set of CD's is great and goes hand in hand with her other CD Change and Transition and is a great help to people going through change that is not particularly comfortable to them.
have been listening to it in my car for many years - am in the mountains & often don't get a radio signal - this is a perfect positive affirmation to listen to.
For use with clients in Chemical dependancy treatment

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