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by Susan Spencer Paul,Mary Spencer

  • ISBN: 0440224918
  • Author: Susan Spencer Paul,Mary Spencer
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  • Rating: 4.9 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Dell (November 10, 1997)
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  • Category: Romance
  • Subcategory: Historical
epub Dark Wager download

Mary Spencer (Author), Susan Spencer Paul (Author).

Mary Spencer (Author), Susan Spencer Paul (Author). Praise for the previous novels of Mary Spencer: "Resounding with chivalry, oftentimes humorous and heartwrenchingly realistic, Honor showcases Ms. Spencer's skill in portraying the innermost depths of humanity with vivid prose. With humor, poignancy, plentiful adventure and sweet love scenes, The Vow could end up as a 'keeper. Fire and Water is a heartwarming, hilarious tale of two souls destined for one another.

Lucien Bryland distrusts women. I found Dark Wager lacking the charm and romance I look for when purchasing a historical romance. I can't recommend i. .This author also writes under the name Susan Spencer Paul. When I was a senior in high school, everyone in my graduating class was asked to fill out a questionnaire supposing where we'd be in ten years' time, what we'd be doing and what our accomplishments would be. I put down that I would be a published author and have written the Great American Novel.

Susan Spencer Paul, who also writes as Mary Spencer, lives in the foothills of Monrovia, California with her husband and their three daughters. Having decided in high school to pursue writing as a career, Susan didn't actually have the chance to put pen to paper until the birth of her first child, when becoming a "stay-at-home" mom proved to be less challenging than she'd expected.

Everyone will surely love it and want to read it time and again. Mary Spencer is a wonder!" - -Romantic Times.

by Mary Spencer, Susan Spencer Paul. Coauthors & Alternates. ISBN 9780440224914 (978-0-440-22491-4) Softcover, Dell, 1997.

Books by Susan Spencer Paul. lives in Monrovia, California, with her husband and two young daughters

Books by Susan Spencer Paul. The trilogy opens with The Merry Widows-Mary, the tender story of a marriageshy widow who opens her heart to a lonely widower and his little girl. Whatever your tastes in reading, we hope you’ll keep a lookout for all four books, wherever Harlequin Historicals are sold. Sincerely, Tracy Farrell. lives in Monrovia, California, with her husband and two young daughters. She started her first novel when she was in her early teens, but eventually put it aside, unfinished, in favor of more important interest. uch as boys.

Mary Spencer, who also writes as Susan Spencer Paul, is the author of eleven historical romance novels, three of which have been honored with . awards from "Romantic Times. Devil's Wager is the third novel in the Wager Trilogy, which includes Dark Wager and Lady's Wager. Mary lives in southern California with her husband, Paul, a registered nurse at the world-famous City of Hope Cancer Medical Center, and their three beautiful daughters, Carolyn, Kelly, and Katharine.

Find mary spencer from a vast selection of Books. Fire and Water (Harper Monogram) Mary Spencer and Susan Spencer Paul. Customs services and international tracking provided.

Paul Giacomin (adopted son, first appears in Early Autumn). Unlike Marlowe, Spenser maintains a committed relationship with one woman (Susan Silverman, a psychologist). Sam Spenser (father), Cash (maternal uncle), Patrick (maternal uncle) revealed in Chasing the Bear.

Lady Clara Harkhams wasn't a great beauty, but men clamored for her hand.  She practiced the art of flirting with gay abandon, but she'd long ago given her body and soul to Lucien Bryland, the viscount she was promised to at birth.  Now, after years abroad, Lucien returned a different man: dark, brooding, his piercing gaze setting her afire.  His lips possessed her, his strong arms claimed her even as she refused to marry the stranger he'd become.Lucien knew he could never trust the coquette.  But he planned the ultimate revenge--in marriage.  Soon, he was sure Clara would be pregnant and tucked away in the country as he returned to London, his mistress, and the ton.  So he'd wagered at White's.  But the woman he tried to hate obsessed him.  He had set out to enslave her, to make her want him as he wanted her.  Yet the opposite seemed to be happening.  Clara was an opiate and he was completely addicted.  He could compel her to marry him--but he would have to win her love once again....
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It is hard to say something nice about the hero in this book Lucien Bryland after the beginning of this book portrayed him to be a hateful, rotten, creep. He was all that and more! Not a very nice person.
His betrothed, Lady Clara Harkhams, while not a beauty, had the soul of an angel - and she really and truly loved him, or rather she loved the boy he had been, not the man he had become. It must have been her women's intuition that made her stick it out with him to find that the tortured soul needed her, badly, to bring him out of the darkness and into the light. It is a wonderful story to watch the love develop, finally, into an everlasting love such as the kind dreams are made of.
On the other hand, there were a few other story lines contained in here that at once amused - Wulf and Bella - and wanted to make you cry - Uncle Robby and Aunt Anna. These could have been stories in themselves but lent beautifully in the telling of the love story between Lucien and Clara.
Excellent story. I particularly love the way Ms. Spencer always weaves the villians or villinesses into her storyline. I would have given this one 5 stars if I hadn't been so frustrated with Lucien - somehow I couldn't get over his earlier darkness! Well worth finding a copy and reading it!
The character were very well developed and I enjoyed the book. But I would have given it 5 stars had the author made the love scenes more romantic and detailed. Lucky is a wonderful hero and the heroine wasn't physically perfect which many other authors tend to do. I loved the fact that he was able to love her for who she was as oppose to what she looked like. Beauty is skin deep!
Lady Clara was betrothed to Viscount Lucien Bryland when she was a baby.She had not seen Lucien in around 4 years that is when she found out she was his bethrothed.He took something she did the wrong way years ago and now he was going to make her pay.He planned on doing this by marrying her get her pregnant and abandon her in the country. He planned to do this all in 6 months. He made a bet with his friends at Whites.He also planned to resume with his mistress in one week after the wedding. Lucien was also ugly to her when alone but nice around other people. .He accused her of being unfaithful letting her know he didn't love her. His dark ugly side was blamed on his childhood.the relationship between his father and unfaithful mother.
His mistress Pamela Halling did caricatures of people not in a nice way.She had ruined people's lives enjoying every minute of it. Lucien had made so many comments about Clare calling her pea hen .the remarks will come back to haunt him. Lucien really loves Clara but can not trust. I think the author made Lucien so bad that you could feel him come out of the darkness into the light. He only needed to have a good woman. Secrets have a way of coming out and Clara was Pamel's target. The happy ever after did not seem to be able to be for these two .They had married but would she divorce him would Pamela win Lucien. The other characters were good.there are two more books in the series. I have ordered. Her Aunt Anna and his Uncle Robby added to the story. I know this is not a sweet romance but a good story. I like conflict sometimes in a story . I know a lot of people hated Lucien he was horrible for a good while but this made the book.
I was up until 3 am finishing this book. Once I started, I could not put it down.

Plain jane h has been betrothed to handsome H since she was born. H falls in love with her during his teenage years. However, due to a misunderstanding, H is furious at what he believes to be a betrayal of his affections. He shares his anger with his friends and mistress. He gives the h the name "peahen" because of her plain looks and dullness and his friends and mistress use the label when referring to her. In addition to the demeaning label, he accepts a bet with one of his friends regarding the path of his marriage within a 6 month period. The couple get married and the h is ignorant of all that is going around her. The h has always been in love with the H. During the first few blissful months of marriage, the H realizes he is still in love with the h, but does not trust her. He has psych issues with cheating mother. The scorned mistress appears on the scene and causes trouble via her poison pen because the H has forgotten about her during his first months of marriage.


The H and the mistress had a three year relationship and their favorite pastime included ridiculing society members and giving them demeaning names highlighting their shortcomings or scandulous family secrets. They not only shared comments in private, but sometimes in public via the mistress' caricatures printed in the daily paper. The caricatures showcased the shortcomings and the scandulous secrets of the ton memebers and led to an exile from society for some. The mistress does the caricatures under a pen name to keep her identity a secret. The scorned mistress discloses the bet and the peahen label via a caricature featuring the h because she is mad at the H for neglecting her. The h is humiliated. She now knows it was the H that shared thoughts about her plain looks with the mistress hence the nickname and now also knows about the bet. The bet was placed on the books at a gambling establishment so it was known to most of society. It was a Dangerous Liaisons and Mean Girls theme.

I gave it four stars instead of five because it took me a while to like the H. He appeared to be a lead cast member of Mean Girls. I thought there was also too much of the mistress throughout the book and the emphasis of her beauty compared to the h's plain looks.

Good groveling from the H as he tries to rectify all his past sins. I recommend!

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