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by Elaine Fox

  • ISBN: 0505520745
  • Author: Elaine Fox
  • ePub ver: 1957 kb
  • Fb2 ver: 1957 kb
  • Rating: 4.6 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Leisure Books (January 1, 1996)
  • Formats: lit lrf mbr doc
  • Category: Romance
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
epub Traveler (Timeswept) download

Books by Elaine Fox stay with yo. Unlike so many time travel novels where the opposite lead believes in the time traveler's story in a matter of hours or days, she actually thinks him a little insane until all the pieces of the puzzle start coming together.

Books by Elaine Fox stay with you. Imposter is a really good book - well written and you hate putting it down. Great time travel romance and compelling mystery. The ultimate tie-in between future and past was well done.

Strolling through a Civil War battlefield park and musing over her uneventful life, businesswoman Shelby Manning is shocked when she encounters confused soldier Carter Lindsey, who has been transported from the past.

Traveler (Timeswept). tacy Eltiti, 1 Denise Wallace, 2 Anna Ridgewell, 2 Konstantina Zougkou, 2 Riccardo Russo, 2 Francisco Sepulveda, 2 and Elaine Fox 2. 88 Kb. ��������.

Paperback, Love Spell: Timeswept 362 pages. Published January 1st 1996 by Love Spell. Traveler (Timeswept).

With a thriving business and a stalled personal life, Shelby Manning never. Paperback, Love Spell: Timeswept 362 pages. 0505520745 (ISBN13: 9780505520746).

Written by. Elaine Fo.

Manufacturer: Leisure Books (Mm) Release date: 1 January 1996 ISBN-10 : 0505520745 ISBN-13: 9780505520746.

by Elaine Fox. Published January 1996 by Leisure Books (Mm). American Civil War (1861-1865) fast (OCoLC)fst01351658, Fiction, Time travel, History.

Traveler by Elaine Fox - book cover, description, publication history.

Strolling through a Civil War battlefield park and musing over her uneventful life, businesswoman Shelby Manning is shocked when she encounters confused soldier Carter Lindsey, who has been transported from the past. Original.
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If you enjoy time travel stories, this one is pretty good. Without giving up the plot, love can transend time.
This is actually a very early Elaine Fox novel and is not necessarily a contemporary story. This novel shows another side of Elaine's talent and is definitely worth the read. I enjoyed the story - the spunky heroine and a happy ending is always a good thing.
Sadaron above the Gods
I enjoy "Timeswept" stories because they are a great way to "learn" history although a bit skewed - and a wondedful way to pass the time. (Excuse the pun)
I picked this book up for two reasons. First, I like time travel books and there aren't many I've read during this time period. Second, it takes place in Fredericksburg, Virginia, which is where I live. I'm glad I did, because it was a very well done book.

When Shelby stumbled across Carter on the battlefield park grounds she couldn't just leave him there. She was especially concerned by his apparent mental confusion about where/when he was, so she took him home with her. She then makes sure he gets medical attention and against her boyfriend's recommendation, brings him back to her house after he's released from the hospital. Though she is a little concerned for herself, there's something about him that makes her want to help him.

Carter doesn't know what happened. One moment he's on the battlefield, wishing he were anywhere else, the next he's in a place both familiar and vastly different. He's grateful for the young woman who has rescued him.

I loved how real all the characters felt to me. Shelby's a kindhearted person who can't stand the idea of leaving Carter alone and confused. I really enjoyed that she's a bookstore owner and has a pretty ordinary life. It's not surprising that she doesn't believe Carter's story of being a Union soldier. I really liked that it didn't stop her from helping him. I also liked the way that she stood up to her obnoxious boyfriend when he got so nasty about Carter staying at her house. I thought that Carter was amazingly calm about what had happened to him. He did get pretty vehement about not going to the hospital, but considering what Civil War hospitals were like, it's not surprising. I loved his curiosity about everything around him.

The romance between Shelby and Carter was a slow growing one as they got to know each other. Shelby saw the differences between Carter and her boyfriend, Rory, and realized that she deserved more than she was getting. She also slowly began to accept that Carter was telling the truth. I loved seeing the way that Carter treated her. He was so sweet, but also very protective. I also liked his sense of honor, that made him hold back because of his marriage. I also liked the similarities that were shown between Rory and Carter's wife Meg, both in their attitudes and their actions. It made the ending even more satisfying.

The time travel itself was really good. The trouble that Shelby had believing it was logical. I enjoyed the gradual growing of her belief, and the final confirmation that really blew her away. Carter's reactions to things like riding in a car were fun to see. His description of the Battle of Fredericksburg was incredibly vivid and moving, as was what he said about the day to day life of a soldier. The investigation they did in trying to find any descendants of Carter's was interesting, especially with what they found out.

The only complaint I have is that I would have liked to see more of what happened after Carter rescued Shelby from the fire. I wanted to see Carter's reaction to what she found out, if they found the jewels, and if Rory had to face consequences for what he did. Oh yeah - the cover is awful, but typical of when the book was published...
Shelby Manning finds an injured man in a Civil War battlefield and he insists he is Lt. Carter Lindsey, Union soldier from 1862. Shelby takes him home and gets him medical help and decides to let him stay at her home until his "amnesia" passes. Shelby boyfriend "Rory' is not happy about the situation, but since it is not his home he can't do anything about it. Rory and Shelby have been dating for 10 years and he stays at her house one or two nights a week. He is a bartender and sometimes Shelby doesn't see him for days and he just shows up in the middle of the night. Carter is a gorgeous man and Shelby finds out he has a wife, or he thinks he does back in the 1800's and she may be pregnant. He says he needs to get back to her even though it isn't a happy marriage, he feels responsible. Carter gets a job with a landscaper who pays him under the table so he can earn his keep and as he and Shelby start getting to know one another, they start falling love. Shelby finds Rory with another woman and breaks off their relationship, but Carter feels his honor will not let him get involved with Shelby. Carter tells Shelby about some hidden jewels from his past that he hopes his wife will find so at least the baby will be provided for and then they discover there is a descendant of Carter's living in the same town. When it is discovered that Carter appeared during the Northern Lights he attempts to go back in time during another appearance of the Northern Lights but it fails. He really wanted to stay with Shelby but is afraid his guilt will eat him up inside. When a fire sends Shelby back to the past she discovers secrets that can save their relationship in the future.

this was a really great story but I'm only giving it four stars because there are some holes in the story that are never really explained. Why did Shelby go back to the past and what reason was there for the events that happened afterwards. To me there were just too many holes in the story, but it was still really good. Just not the best explained or entertaining time travel I've ever read
This book goes VERY fast. I read it in one sitting and could not put it down. I loved the idea of Shelby's boyfiend, Rory, and Carter's wife, Meg (that element alone made some heavy tension). The romance between these two sizzles. I don't usually like books written in the first person, but this one is exceptional and definitely a "keeper."
I just finished reading "Traveler" a few hours ago and couldn't wait to put my two cents in. I love history, I love romance, I love time travel books. This was a geat combination, I didn't want the book to end but I could hardly wait to find out how everything worked out, and the pieces of the puzzle fit together. This is the first book I've read by this Author, it definetly won't be the last. I was actually holding my breath when Meg found Shelby reading her diary!!!
Very pleased with the book I bought through Amazon. Next month I will be buying more books through Amazon.com.

Thank you,
Susan Duncan

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