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by Catherine Coulter

  • ISBN: 0373482590
  • Author: Catherine Coulter
  • ePub ver: 1927 kb
  • Fb2 ver: 1927 kb
  • Rating: 4.6 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Silhouette (January 1, 1993)
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  • Category: Romance
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
epub Aftershocks (Contemporary Romance) download

I like Catherine Coulter but this book leaves so much to be desired compared to her FBI series And I loved the romance novelist angle.

I like Catherine Coulter but this book leaves so much to be desired compared to her FBI series. I couldn't get past the first 3 chapters because I tire very quickly of 'dissing' or put downs that this book continually does with it's two main 'romantic' characters. It may get better after Chapter 4, but they lost my interest. And I loved the romance novelist angle. The uptight children and ex-wife are a hoot.

Contemporary Thrillers. Contemporary Romance. When Dr. Elliot Mallory meets magazine model Georgina Hathaway everything seems perfect. They love the same jokes, enjoy the same sports and have incredible chemistry together. and everlasting love. What do Chelsea Lattimer and David Winter have in common? Aside from both being single, attractive and successful - absolutely nothing!

I like Catherine Coulter but this book leaves so much to be desired compared to her FBI series.

Ships from and sold by MACSTUFF1. I like Catherine Coulter but this book leaves so much to be desired compared to her FBI series.

The first contemporary romance from New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter-now newly revised. At twenty-three, model Georgina Hathaway has everything she wants-everything but love.

Jean Catherine Coulter (born December 26, 1942) is an American author of romantic suspense thrillers and historical romances who currently resides in northern California. Coulter grew up on a horse ranch in Cameron County, Texas. Her grandmother, who died at the young age of 37, was also a writer. Her father was a painter and singer, and her mother is a retired concert pianist. Coulter wrote her first two novels, fifteen pages each, when she was fourteen.

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A viking romance IS ALWAYS IN SEASON.

The number-one New York Times-bestselling author returns with a brand-new Sherbrooke novel, featuring a cast of witty and outrageous characters and two wonderfully complex mysteries. In April 1831, her grace Corinne Monroe wants her widowed son, Lord Julian, to marry her best friend's daughter, Miss Sophie Wilkie. A viking romance IS ALWAYS IN SEASON.

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Aftershocks (Contemporary Romance) Catherine Coulter Mass Market Paperback Used.

Timing is everything. . .

Model Georgina Hathaway is more than just a beautiful face in a magazine. The twenty-three-year-old's career has brought her independence and a maturity that belies her youth. She can afford the finer things in life, but there's something else she wants: Dr. Elliot Mallory.

Dr. Elliot Mallory is older, more experienced and sophisticated than Georgina. Although he doesn't want to have feelings for her, he's endlessly intrigued by her bright mind, humor and charm. Sill, with maturity comes wisdom--or so Elliot believes--and a long-term relationship with Georgina would be anything but wise. After all, she is young and just beginning her career, and if she ties herself to him now, she'll be cheated out of all that the future can hold. How can he deny Georgina that? But by letting her go, will he lose the best thing that has ever happened to him?

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I have Aftershocks the original book by Ms. Coulter and when this "Revised""Intermix" came out on Kindle, I thought "Oh, boy one of favorites" and I bought it. I was sorely disappointed......this one is not nearly as good. I'll not go into the storyline because I reviewed the original and you can read it on "see all my reviews" site. I gave this a 3 stars because the story is the same. The big problem with this revision is some of the original very funny lines between the heroine, George and the hero, Elliot have been changed. For instance; Elliot invites George over to his place for a barbecue and in the original book, when she accepts she asked "What's your speciality?" He winked and replied "It's called foreplay, George." Funny. Right? In the revised edition His reply is "wait and see". Wait and see! What the HECK is funny about that? This is not the only funny dialouge that changed, therefore to me, it made the story bland. My advice is.......find the original book!!! You will enjoy it a lot better. It is the high 5 not this one.

Good reading to all.
I love this book. I can't say enough about this book! I've read this over and over and over again. This was my first foray into Romance novels and it really set the tone. I loved how developed the characters were. I loved that there were differences in age. I loved the sex scenes. I loved Georgina Hathaway! And I fell in love with Dr. Mallory just like she did. This is a very easy quick read because its just so freaking good! I highly reccomend!
Snake Rocking
The book was ok, kind of a brainless read. Nothing up to Coulter's usual standards. The thing that drives me out of my mind though when reading this and other books on Kindle are the errors. I understand the publishers don't have the printing expense normally associated with books when dealing with kindle editions, but do they leave out the proofreading step as well? As far as I can tell from reading kindle editions, the answer is a resounding yes, they do! I am extremely tired of reading these books and trying to figure out what the author is trying to say because there are missing words, misspelled words and the same sentence written two or three times in a row. It takes the joy out of reading. So, if any of the authors should read this (yeah right) please make sure someone is proofreading your novels after they are recreated into kindle editions.
PLOT:sexy Doc Eliot is used to getting his way and at the hospital picnic is creamed by "teenager" George who takes his interest~ she is 24 year old Supermodel Georgina~ fun~

Dr. Elliott Mallory~ is sexy and hot and soon has his pride mended with a date with sexy George~ how can she afford a JAG at her age? he mistakes her for a HOOKER~ fun~ soon the sexy virgin and the doc are in a steamy romance but the 15 older Elliott dumps her for her being so much younger than he is~ when he spots her PREGNANT image in a magazine he is the one doing the chasing~ this is an EXCELLENT funny audio~ humor romance and a coupe we adore. EARLY Coulter romance~ GREAT reader and at last on audio~ Elliot and George~ 5 STAR fun~
This is the story of a hunky orthopedic surgeon, and a beautiful, athletic young woman. They are drawn to each other but of course hero is older and fights the attraction. She has so much to learn, but so does he. I loved it! It is not a May December romance in my eyes because she's early 20's and he's miiddle 30's, but he is at least 10 years older. Don't let the negative reviews fool you. It's not what you think about smoking and booze towards the end. Just a little immaturity. Got you thinking I bet!? All you romantics out there give this book a read.
One of her old ones revived. It was a cute bit of fluff that held my interest and that I enjoyed reading.
Good old fashion love story between young woman and older man. Older story holds up and heats up. He tries to be noble and it backfires. I have read this one several times. Light, fun reading.

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