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by Anthony Robbins

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  • Author: Anthony Robbins
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epub Personal Power II Unabridged Cassette version download

Anthony Robbins: Personal Power II - The Driving Force. Robbins' Get the Edge is also quite good but I loved Personal Power 2. Tony is at his best here, his voice works wonders on your mindset and he guides you towards valuable resources that will change your life.

Anthony Robbins: Personal Power II - The Driving Force. Anthony Robbins Personal Power: A 30 Day Program (24 Audio Cassettes). Awaken the Giant Within is probably Tony's best book but this audio program is superior to that because it encourages you to do the work as you go.

Personal Power II Unabridged Cassette version. With Personal Power® II you will: Create consistent success at work and at home Discover an extraordinary level of wealth and abundance Achieve dramatically increased energy and vitality Ignite and rejuvenate the passion in your relationships Inspire absolute confidence in yourself and others.

This program contains a step-by-step process that will help you identify what it is you really want.

The Tony Robbins Blog. Home Personal Power II. Download Your Personal Power II Flash Cards. Box 261229 San Diego, CA 92196.

Unlimited power: the new science of personal achievement/by Anthony. Poder Sem Limites Anthony Robbins 3 Agradecimentos Quando começo a pensar em todas as pessoas Anthony. Anthony Robbins THE NEW MONEY MASTERS - Tony Robbins. 28 Pages·2010·635 KB·8,897 Downloads. An Interview with Chet Holmes. Profile: Chet Holmes. Anthony Robbins THE POWER TO INFLUENCE. 04 MB·2,815 Downloads. SECTION II The 10 Steps to Sales Mastery! -. PHASE 1: Engage Them! STEP ONE: Preparel & Do Your. Sınırsız Güç - Anthony Robbins.

Personal Power II book. Of the self help speakers Anthony Robbins Really does help change the way you think about people and personal choices. Personal Power II package contains: 12 audio CDs, 1 spiral bound. Apr 19, 2018 Mark Manderson rated it it was amazing.

Personal Power II Set - Anthony Robbins Complete Set (Cassette Tapes).

Listen free to Anthony Robbins – Personal Power Ii (Welcome to Personal Power (1), Welcome to Personal Power (2) and . A new version of Last. Personal Power Ii. More actions.

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Продолжение курса Тони Роббинса Personal Power II в отличной озвучке! .

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Published January 15, 1997 by Audio Renaissance.

"Volume 1: * Unleash Your Power! (2 Disc: No. 1, 2). Volume 2: * How To Shape Your Destiny Now (2 Disc: No. 3, 4). Volume 3: * How To Get What You Really Want (2 Disc: No. 5, 6). Volume 4: * The Ultimate Secret To Lifelong Success (2 Disc: No. 7, 8). Volume 5: How To Create A Compelling Future (2 Disc: No. 9, 10). Volume 6: * Moving Beyond Procrastination To Unlimited Power! (2 Disc: No. 11, 12). Volume 7: * How To Unleash The Financial Genius Within You (2 Disc: No. 13, 14). Volume 8: * Turn Fear And Self-Sabotage Into Confidence And Success (2 Disc: No. 15, 16). Volume 9: * How To Increase Your Energy * The Power Of Successful Relationships (2 Disc: No. 17, 18). Volume 10: * The Final Breakthrough! (2 Disc: No. 19, 20). Volume 11: * Program Yourself For Total Success! (2 Disc: No. 21, 22). Volume 12: * The Driving Force: The Six Human Needs * Meetings With Masters (3 Disc: No. 23, 24, 25)." "For nearly two decades, Anthony Robbins has dedicated his life to discovering the most advanced principles for producing accelerated change. He is the nation's expert in the psychology of peak performance and personal, professional, and organizational "turnaround" and has led the way in providing cutting-edge tools for individuals wamtomg tp ,ale radical improvements in their careers, emotional wellbeing, relationships, finances, time management, health and vitality, and professional growth. Anthony Robbins has served as a peak performance consultant to the 1992 America's Cup winner, America; 1993 Stanley Cup finalists, the Los Angeles Kings; 1994 U.S. Open Champion, Andre Agassi; and the 1995 San Antonio Spurs. Robbins has also been a consultant to executives from such Fortune 500 companies as American Express and Xerox. IBM, AT&T, Hallmark, Southwestern Bell, and the U.S. Army have all utilized and benefited from Robbins' technologies. Robbins has advised the President of the United States and members of two royal families. ...
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I am a big fan of Tony Robbins and have purchased just about everything he has put out. Great stuff that can make a positive impact in your life. That's why I had a hard time rating this product. If you are new to Tony, then I highly recommend it and suggest you go through the program.

If you have went through his first 30 day program or purchased most of Tony's material, save your money. Nothing much new here. Tony might say that repetition is the mother of skill, but save your money and listen to your other tapes and CDs again instead of shelling out the money. Hope this helps you on your decision.
If you want to make changes - and you seek advice, structure, and direction, then this is the program for you. I have used this programs to make positive changes in my personal and professional life and so can you. It has helped me to clarify my goals and in many cases achieve them. The program will work for anyone willing to put in the time (which can be as little as a half hour a day). Some like to complain, others wallow in confusion - if you are ready to leave that behind and take action now, but need some help, then use this program.
This is undoubtedly the best personal development program around. At the end of 30 days, if you haven't accomplished a number of things you've been putting off, if you haven't found some spark of motivation inside of yourself, don't blame this program, blame yourself.
Then, listen to it again, and get on with what you have to do in your life.
Very Happy !!
Rich Vulture
Use to like him when I listened, is good for getting you fired up. Not sure what to think of him getting divorced after all his marital bliss. Oh well its a concept that if you stick with some good things may happen!
I'm probably the last person alive to learn of Tony Robbins as I've never seen his infomercials and haven't put a lot of time in at the self-help section of the library. When I found myself needing some advice and help in breaking through a few life barriers, I turned to the internet and read a lot of reviews and found myself reading a ton of praise for this motivational speaker guy named Tony Robbins. It seemed the consensus is that he is the reigning guru of breaking through tough life barriers, and that this particular program (Personal Power II) is his best work.

Just for a reference point, my own life challenge was a career transition from one highly specialized career to a different and equally specialized career in an only loosely related field. I didn't specifically want to become a millionaire (though I wouldn't mind if that accidentally happened as a result of doing his program) and I've always been athletic and fit and healthy, so I didn't need a weight loss/energy program. I needed some encouragement and a new way to approach my life transition, and if that new approach came in the form of a change of focus or a change of mindset - and it worked to break through the seemingly impenetrable brick walls I was facing trying to enter a new career field - then I would consider that a success.

I've done the 30 day program twice now, and each time I've done every assignment, written in my success journal, kept track of the assignments that are supposed to be done from Day X --> the end of the program and made sure that I did those each day. After the smoke has cleared, I'll say that I've met with mixed success.

To start with, I get the feeling from listening to Tony Robbins that he's a genuinely good man, a genuinely motivated and curious man, and one with good intentions. I believe he wants to help people. I think he's probably got a very powerful presence in person, and I really appreciate that he tries to use his voice to convey that presence in audiobook form. I came to really like him and felt like I got to know him over the 30 days. I really appreciated how much personal information about his successes and failures he was willing to share, and his humanity and humility in some areas of his life were touching.

As far as the program itself goes, there were some pros and cons for me.


- Without a doubt THE most helpful day for me was the day when he had us examine our core values, and list them for all areas of our lives. Considering this was (I believe) at the heart of his program, I think he could have split this into several days and eliminated a lot of the fluff he has filling other days. I ended up re-listening to this particular day 4 or 5 times, because it took me an hour or more to really think and feel and work out on paper what my life values were, and then the next day I revisited the questions in the context of my career, then the next day in the context of my relationships. Then as I became better at visualizing and putting words to my feelings and instincts and tendencies I went back and revisited the "life values" I'd written down and redid them with some new insight. Super helpful. Hard work.

- The goal setting workshop. Another really powerful assignment that deserves a few revisits. I also think he could have stretched this out for some extra days, because it feels like this is the other half of the heart of the program, and it deserved a lot of time and effort and thought. If Tony ever redoes this program my wish list would be an entire week or more of values and goals, separating out the different areas of your life so you can focus on one at a time and really get into the meat of it.

- Massive action plan. Now this wasn't explained very well in the program, but I felt like it was what I was looking for when I bought the program, so I did a lot of googling to understand what this planning was all about. The first time I listened to the program I thought I'd missed a day, because he was suddenly talking about massive action plans as if he'd spoken about them a lot before, but this was the first I'd heard of them. He insists they're important, but doesn't do a good job explaining the what/when/how of it all. I had to go outside this program and find his website and other websites in order to figure out what it is, and how to do it. Having said that, it was a perfect follow up to the values and goal setting workshop days. Because naturally when you figure out your direction you need to do something to actually get there. Again, in a redo of this program I would love Tony to spend a few days on this concept and break it down in the excruciating detail he does for other parts of the program.

- Talking about failure. I thought this was really important and relevant to me, and I'm glad he addressed it. Because of course if you're trying to change something in your life you're going to encounter a lot of closed doors and mistakes and failures. It was actually just this type of bashing into closed doors that brought me to the program. The take home message of this was pretty much just commiseration - failure happens - and a way to reframe the feelings and ideas that come from failure and use them to motivate you further forward. I REALLY appreciated that.


- Namedropping and famous person love. Okay, I get that using the names of famous people he's helped is a way to establish credibility. I do get that. But he does this CONSTANTLY and I simply can't relate to their problems (they have a billion dollars but are still not happy, so in comes Tony and tells them to reframe their lives, and now they're happy), so they aren't very good examples for me. My assumption is that the people who purchase the program are not billionaires, heads of government or famous athletes at the top of their game who already know what it takes to become the top xxxx in the world, and simply need a small tweak and refocus. Instead I think the folks buying the program are like me - everyday people who want to take their lives and amplify some portion from the ground up. There are very few examples of regular, relatable people in his program. And the ones he mentions are more like "This average couple wanted to make money very quickly and they didn't have any capital, so they bought lottery tickets at the local bodega and they won $50,000". I get the impression Tony doesn't know any "regular" people, so he's very fuzzy on what the average person actually has to work with. His financial days were all therefore all completely wasted on me.

- Relationship stuff - meh, it might have been good but I didn't need any advice about it and it was given a pretty superficial and shallow treatment. I also found one of his examples totally WEIRD - an obese woman from his audience being told to stand on stage and make advances at various men in the audience so the men could reject her (??) and then later implying that she'd gone home with more than one of the men that night? SO weird.

- The 'creating associations' for me was only of limited use. I won't go into the details but essentially you're supposed to create negative imagery around whatever you'd like to change, and positive imagery around the thing you're working for. I feel like a lot of that is self-defined and engaging in the imagery further only stressed me out. I'm already a very motivated and hard working person, so that wasn't very useful for me.

- The weight/exercise stuff. I get that he was finding his audience by doing infomercials, and those who watch infomercials are probably sitting on the couch at the moment his infomercial is playing, so maybe his target audience were couch potatoes. If you're already athletic and fit and healthy, then the weight and exercise stuff won't help you at all. It's mainly motivation to get off the couch and move.

- Tony doesn't know the definition of "depression". He uses the word, but what he means by it is someone who is feeling temporarily sad. He is talking about people who are going through a stretch of feeling a little down on themselves, a little negative, a little sad, a little pessimistic. A few times he verbally imitates someone he considers depressed by saying that they walk around drooling and making this noise:, "Duuuh...duhhhhh...."(picture the noise you'd make if you were 7 and you wanted to bug your sister by saying she was stupid - that noise). Ack - fast forward. I think what he was trying to say was that if you're a bit gloomy, you can change this state of mind. And that's probably true. But he did it in a really awful way.

- His "examples". Tony does a lot of straw-man building. He will be talking about some point he wants to make, and to illustrate it he will either use a famous person as an example (in which case he will present a real but unrelatable famous-person problem, and detail the solution), or he will use a story of the average Joe, or 'this lady who came to one of my seminars' - and they are all completely fake and ridiculous sounding. He cured someone with MPD in 5 minutes. He cured someone with depression by telling them not to be depressed anymore, and they weren't depressed anymore. Or a woman came to him crying that her marriage was falling apart and Tony threw water on her, and it made her laugh, and then her marriage was better. Stuff like that.

[in my dream re-do of this program, Tony actually meets a few regular people who have started at the ground and developed something solid, and uses their success AND failure stories as realistic examples]

So that negative list was long, but honestly the positives were more heavily weighted in my mind. After going through the 30 day program twice, I was left with more positive than negative. If you want to closely examine where you're headed in life, and why, and take the first step on planning how to get there - somewhere in week 2 you'll have a fantastic chance to do that. It's worth the program just for that part alone. I'd love to see a new program that takes people who have made those first steps and moves us further along the path, with more detail on how to follow through and gain momentum.
I used this program and it changed my life. It helped me lose 60 pounds, open a successful business and be more outgoing. It is such a shame this is out of print. It's an excellent, life-changing program. Robbins' Get the Edge is also quite good but I loved Personal Power 2. Tony is at his best here, his voice works wonders on your mindset and he guides you towards valuable resources that will change your life. Awaken the Giant Within is probably Tony's best book but this audio program is superior to that because it encourages you to do the work as you go. If you use it as directed over a 30-day period you would not believe the results you will get. As in anything, you must work hard, do the homework and challenge yourself to get any results.

Buy this program! It's highly recommended. There is hundreds of dollars of value in this package. It has changed thousands of people's lives and it can work for you.
Anthony Robbins is a powerful presenter. And he has a lot of practical good advice in these CDs. They are a bit pricey but...

I found it useful to play each CD twice, really absorb what he is saying. I also try to go back every two or three months for a refresher session. And don't forget to keep the daily journal he recommends.

If you are serious and put in the time, it will help you. It's a way of life not a one shot experience. It takes practice and commitment to implement his ideas, to succeed.

So what else is new?

Bottom line: this set is a useful self-improvement tool. But be sure to devote the necessary time to incorporate the ideas into your thinking and your actions.

Good luck!

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