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by Calder Willingham

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  • Author: Calder Willingham
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epub Providence Island download

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Willingham always considered film work secondary to his books. Rambling Rose (1972), his next novel, was an autobiographical story about his childhood in Georgia featuring comic characterizations of his parents and siblings.

by. Willingham, Calder, 1922-1995. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Sanderia on February 26, 2010.

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Novelist and screenwriter Calder Willingham's The Gates of Hell was his lone book of short stories. DXJZS/?tag prabook0b-20.

I’m taken by photos like the one above, which is of a house owned by one William Wilkinson, which stood at 69 College Street in Providence, Rhode Island. It’s a beautiful Federal style home, very classic New England, built in 1818. Somebody–many people–lived here over the years. In this house, husbands and wives made love, argued and made up, probably children were born, probably somebody died, there were arguments perhaps over money, politics or business, there were dreadfully hot summer days and bone chilling winter nights, and life went on. We know virtually none of it.

Calder Willingham's last novel, Eternal Fire, aroused, if little else, some critical differences on whether it was the work of a satyr or a satirist. The same purposeless point could be made here in this raunchy Robinson Crusoe with some 599 pages of featherbedding down in a cave or on the pricklier stubble of an island off Central America. In fact Jim Kittering who finds himself there with Florence Carr, a Lesbian writer, and one Melody, the deprived wife of a missionary, services both of them equally and equally well by the end of their four months' stay there.

by Calder Willingham. Select Format: Hardcover. ISBN13:9780440171348.

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Picture a story with an almost Robert Rimmer "utopian" sexuality...then take away the social engineering aspect and work the idea for laughs. Jim Kittering is a crass New York TV producer who you almost expect to call clients "baby". He has a trophy wife and two trophy daughters who have inherited Mom's beauty. And yet he still chases tail compulsively--office help, clients, friends' wives--even his own wife's less-attractive young cousin at their wedding. Florence Carr is a plain bordering on homely writer who Jim's grooming as a writer for his boss' new series idea, set on a tramp steamer. She uses cynicism as a defense mechanism to cover her self-perceived lack of sex appeal, even though her own "book writing" is Fannie Flagg sentimental. But she overdoes the "tough cookie" routine to the point where some think she's a lesbian. Jim's boss is one of those bosses everyone has mean nicknames for. As an "unsalted" flavor of Wouk's "Captain Queeg", he's paranoid about subordinates' opinions of him. When Florence and her agent arrive, tech staff are installing at his behest an intercom that's more than half eavesdropping device, with which he catches Jim dissing him behind his back. So although the boss accepts Jim's idea that Florence should take a voyage on a merchant ship for research purposes, Jim's punishment is that he has to go along with her. This is where they meet Melody Dubbs, a missionary nurse married to a missionary doctor. The couple are Southerners, which is another cliché. After all, don't all religious prigs consider "you all" as one word? All those preachers in Colonel Sanders suits who say "Lord" as a two-syllable word ("Thuh LOWERED")? I mean, aren't they? Melody originally is on the ship to meet her husband in South America, but after the ship sails she gets a wire that her husband has been stricken by a serious disease and is being sent home. To make matters worse, the ship--a hapless bucket crewed by misfits--runs into a hurricane and is shipwrecked on an uninhabited island. At this point the trio's carnal, quasi-romantic and otherwise misadventures take on a "Gilligan's Island On Aphrodisiacs" tone. This book requires ability on the part of the reader to approach Rimmer scenarios without taking them too seriously.
Make a great movie in the "R" category. Length of number of pages does not lend itself to reading at one sitting, but requires at least two or three. It uses a first person narrative form and uses the "flash back" method to fill in gaps that seem to be missing in the story-line. Sexual content is fairly graphic (even with flash back narrative) and adult enough that it would probably, if made into a movie, require teens approaching adulthood to be allowed in Of course, the censorship would soften what would otherwise adult language.
One of my favorite books, great story, funny and moving at the same time. Really, really need to have a Kindle edition made available. Highly recommend.
An interesting work by Calder Willingham. Though it is not his best, the novel partakes of his quirky sense of humor and penchant for dark parody. I can see why the movie optioned for Paul Newman and his wife was never made.
Lahorns Gods
Take a once successful self-believing media executive,finding his own promiscuous life in a disastrous downward slide-disillusioned with his job and satyr of a boss,in heavy debt,and an unfaithful wife who has just left him.
Made to accompany a budding 'lesbian' writer on a inspiration cruise in an old cargo ship where he fell for a modern day Hera in the form of a sexually repressed pastor's wife.Before his pathetic efforts at seduction could come to fruition,a tropical hurricane slammed along and these three protaganists were shipwrecked on a deserted Carribean island.Here far from the distractions of civilisation and living alone together in close proximity in a cave on this paradise island,they played out all their taboos and fantasies in a menage a trois and consequently came to discover and learn more about themselves and each other.
Here you will find and savor a whole galore of sexual insights,and erotic titillations.

Quote form Book: Willingham is "..a twentieth century Fielding, a comic chronicler of inquity, a creator of mock-novels, an enemy of hypocrisy who turns its lies and pretenses back on themselves, and a moral seer who is able to espy the good always and only in the midst of a chaos of vice and folly." - R.H.W. Dillard. One of the most under-rated novelists of Post World War II United States.

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