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by Kate Walker

  • ISBN: 0263874303
  • Author: Kate Walker
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  • Rating: 4.8 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 192
  • Publisher: Mills & Boon S/O (2009)
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epub Kept for Her Baby (Mills and Boon Modern) download

Another great Mills and Boon book to read, lovely characters and another well written story from a good author

Another great Mills and Boon book to read, lovely characters and another well written story from a good author. Again recommended for any romance and mills and boon fans. After the baby comes, they both make many mistakes; he for not paying careful attention to her moods and she for thinking that he only cared about his business and that he possibly found her unattractive. Because of the way their marriage began and after their baby Marco is born, Lucy suffers a depression and does very strange things. In the end, she's afraid she'll harm the baby so she leaves Ricardo a note and disappears.

Kirjat, jotka liittyvät aiheeseen Kept for Her Baby (Mills & Boon Modern). 3,29 €. Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret.

She met her husband at university, and originally worked as a children’s librarian, but after the birth of her son she returned to her old childhood love of writing.

KATE WALKER was born in Nottinghamshire, but as she grew up in Yorkshire she has always felt that her roots are there. She met her husband at university, and originally worked as a children’s librarian, but after the birth of her son she returned to her old childhood love of writing. When she’s not working, she divides her time between her family, their three cats, and her interests of embroidery, antiques, film and theatre, and, of course, reading.

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But she'll do anything for her baby son ; even return to the husband who never loved he. Practical Food Smoking. Secret Love-Child (Mills & Boon By Request): Kept for Her Baby, The Costanzo Baby Secret, Her Secret, His Love-Child. icardo branded his bride a gold-digger. However, tiny Marco needs his mother, so he will keep Lucy captive on his private island until she proves herself a worthy wife ; in every sense.

Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child (Mills & Boon Modern) (Mills and Boon Modern). What others are saying. Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child (Mills & Boon Modern) (Mills and Boon Modern). An Enticing Debt to Pay (Mills & Boon Modern) (At His Service, Book.

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ISBN 9780263144741 (978-0-263-14474-1) Hardcover, Harlequin Mills & Boon Ltd, 1995. Find signed collectible books: 'No Holding Back'. Learn More at LibraryThing.

Kept for Her Baby book. Synopsis: Before Marco had turned two months old, Lucy Mottram had left behind her marriage and her son. Ricardo who had a shotgun marriage with Lucy could never forgive himself for marrying a gold digger. He thinks she's back because of his wealth. And so he decides to do a trade, money in exchange for relinquishing all her rights to her son. He doesn't even want to listen as to why she had walked out seven months back.

She can't remember a time when she wasn't scribbling away at something and wrote her first book when she was eleven

She can't remember a time when she wasn't scribbling away at something and wrote her first book when she was eleven. She went to Aberystwyth University, met her future husband and after three years of being a full-time housewife and mother she turned to her old love of writing. Mills & Boon accepted a novel after two attempts, and Kate has been writing ever since.

MILLS & BOON® Pure reading pleasure™

MILLS & BOON® Pure reading pleasure™. For Anne and Gerry, to celebrate. this very special Caerleon Writers’ Holiday. Ricardo Emiliani wanted nothing to do with her. He would never forgive her for what she had done, so now he was glad that she was out of his life and he wanted it to stay that way. She was a fool if she allowed herself even to dream that it could be anything else. She shrank back into the shadowed space between the shrubs and the stone wall of the terrace as slow, heavy footsteps brought Ricardo down the last flight of steps and into the garden.

Wanted: wife and motherâ?¦Staring at the granite-handsome features of Italian billionaire Ricardo Emiliani, Lucy knows sheâ?™s made a mistake coming back to their palatial Lake Garda home. But sheâ?™ll do anything for her baby son â?“ even return to the husband who never loved herâ?¦Ricardo branded his bride a gold-digger. However, tiny Marco needs his mother, so he will keep Lucy captive on his private island until she proves herself a worthy wife â?“ in every senseâ?¦
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Ok so I had a sample sent to my kindle three times since this book was published and didn't order it. In the beginning Ricardo was so cold and heartless I just couldn't go on reading and this was just the first two paragraphs of chapter one!! This time I was bored and so I read it, what a surprise!! Ricardo was awesome, rich, handsome and the humanity of the guy just kicked my butt. He was also very in love with Lucia/ Lucy his wife. She left him for six long months with their new born baby and just a note. When the story starts off it sounds like he married her, she had the baby and he kicked her out...nothing could be further from what happened. I don't want to tell you the story, but please read it because it was very very good. I recommend this book highly.
Liked it very much
net rider
Lucy and Ricardo married after a brief fling because she was pregnant. After a difficult time settling into millionaire Ricardo's lifestyle, when the baby was born, Lucy went a little haywire. Spending money like it was water and avoiding spending time with the baby who'd been handed over to a nanny from birth. Desperate, Lucy ran away, telling Ricardo she wanted to be free and giving him the baby.

Now, over six months later, cured of the particularly bad episode of post-natal depression, Lucy wants to see her baby. Ricardo, still angry at the way she walked away refuses, so she sneaks onto the island.

Confronted by his estranged wife, Ricardo is furious, but also still attracted. But he's not going to be tricked again. After some thought, he decides he will let her see the baby and he will judge for himself whether it is the baby or his money she wants.

This was a little sad at times because it's easy to see how things could have been if both of them had time to get to know each other before the stresses and strains of a shotgun marriage and a baby pushed them apart.

Lucy knows Ricardo only married her for the baby and this makes it impossible for her to confide in him when she thinks she's going a little crazy. Ricardo is a slow study when it comes to his emotions and her irrational behaviour and spending come just as he was starting to think the relationship had a positive future.

Much of the story involves them learning that their perceptions of each other were clouded by the way they were flung into the marriage and by Lucy's illness. There is a lot to work out between them with faults on both sides but the ending is satisfying and very sweet.
*Spoilers Throughout*

Lucy left her husband, Ricardo, and new born baby with a nothing but a short note before she vanished and finally months later she is back. But how is her husband going to react to his runaway wife come home?

I really wanted to like this, I read the other review about how the hero was a good guy and I was prepared to like him, but I am sorry to say, although he isn't cruel the way the typical Harlequin hero is cruel, his own sadisticness was almost worse from my point of view. He's the type of hero I hate, he sleeps with Lucy when she is a virgin, and since she doesn't sleep with him on their first date when she doesn't know he's rich, and waits until the second when she knows he as money she has to be a money grubbing slut, because all VIRGINS have sex on the first date . . . *eyeroll* I guess he never heard of the third date rule, or knew that virgin means she doesn't sleep around. As he proposes he tells her he doesn't want her, doesn't want to be married and that she obviously tricked him into getting her pregnant, being he obviously assumed as a VIRGIN she would be on the pill. The only good thing I can really say for him is that he's a good father.

She comes back after she left for six months and she tells him she's been ill, he doesn't believe her until she faints in the middle of a fight with him. But does he ease up on her and stop fighting with her? Does he do anything to make her feel safe and secure after he finds out she left because of postpartum depression? No, he goes on and tells her that he's been with oodles of other women while she was gone, that he doesn't trust her, tests her repeatedly and tries to buy her off again and again so he doesn't have to share custody of their son. Oh and did I mention that he left her penniless when she left? Oh yeah, he's a real stand up guy.

For me, a lot of his behavior is utterly unacceptable because she is so fragile and he comes and stomps on her, and then in her inner dialogue she says stuff like she would stay and watch him run around on her so long as she could see him everyday. It made me want to throw up. The poor woman is suffering from massive guilt because she abandoned her child and has such low self-esteem that she would honestly be willing to put up with anything to be near her husband and child. But, it seems as if it's the author who is so ignorant about issue of postpartum psychosis, Lucy's real ailment that she didn't want to own up to when she admitted to the depression. I have a feeling that the author doesn't mean for Ricardo to come off as such an insensitive bully but that is sure how I read the guy.

He is going to kick her out when she confesses that she never told him how she was feeling and how she was manic and depressed before she left, because she was scared of him. Lucy was suffering from psychosis! She could have thought Ricardo was trying to kill her, or Satan or anything because she was not rational. She was literally insane and to have Ricardo feel hurt by what someone out of their rational mind felt was childish, immature and hurtful about the seriousness of her condition.

Not only that but the pacing is off. The whole book takes place in between 48-72 hours, with a few flashbacks. Neither character is able to be honest with the other, both lying about how they feel and how they view their marriage because neither is willing to actually admit that they care about the other. Just FYI, Ricardo lied about the cheating, he just said it hurt her more than she was already hurting, like I said, he's a real stand up guy. I like how the author tired to do something different but for me it just plan didn't work, Lucy was far too damaged and fragile and Ricardo was too heartless and cold. The only think I did like was Marco, the baby, even though he was basically a plot device, the scenes with Lucy and him were touching and didn't seem forced.

2 Stars.
Warning May Contain Spoilers:

So I don't know what made me go off Kate Walker as an author but after reading the well-written Good Greek Wife? - I thought I'd give this a chance.

I liked the H - he dealt with the blow of her walking out well, he didn't fob off the child to nannies but instead bonded with it. You can understand the initial marital distance also that he had with the h - they got married because she was pregnant and both understand that. More importantly - he was FAITHFUL - had he not been this review would have been very very different.

When she came back he was justifiably angry but not cruel and I felt after what she had been through that this was essential to the plot and characters. Her feelings, symptoms, condition were dealt with well considering the word limitation and I liked that the book didn't end with oh yes everything rosy now and all the fear is gone, she with good reason feared a return of her Post-Natal Psychosis with another pregnancy which was very realistic.

All in all, considering I've not had in the distant past good experiences with this authors H's - a streak of sensitivity in her H's is welcome.
I thought this book would never end. It went on and on. This is the first time I have read her book and my last.
A passionate story that can and will touch you at some point in this book ... loved it and hope others will to

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