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epub Seeing yourself see: Eye exercises for total vision download

by Jim Jackson

  • ISBN: 0841504024
  • Author: Jim Jackson
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  • Rating: 4.6 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 125
  • Publisher: Saturday Review Press; 1st edition (1975)
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epub Seeing yourself see: Eye exercises for total vision download

Comments (2)

I like the way the author shows the central and peripheral fields. And central-fixation, shifting. He uses pictures showing where the central field is and 'why, how' it is the clearest area of the field of sight.

He teaches shifting and looking close and far (switching) and other very effective practices.
He has his own unique approach to writing, teaching. Lot of stuff! How the brain works with the eyes, the vision. A definite must read. Lot of artwork. Chinese Acupressure.

Pretty much the only thing I don't advise is on page 53; merging the lines. That is the artificial 3-D I speak against. But; forms of this, 'done CORRECT with an eye doctor's training, supervision' has helped cure strabismus. Done wrong it can cause it.
Testing the eyes-vision with it JUST ONCE for a second, usually causes no problem if the eyes do not contain any amount of strabismus, convergence, divergence or neck, head injury. I am not totally against the artificial 3-D because I have met mothers and other people that say it has corrected their, their children's eye movement. But it was done by a eye doctor and the doctor applied other techniques. So; in this book you can see that method and know what to ask your eye doctor.

The Bates method alone without the artificial 3-D produces true 3-D and cures strabismus, blur, most all eye-vision problems. Jim Jackson has the Bates Method in this book. Try it! It has corrected thousands of people's vision for over 100 years. It keeps my sight clear from 4th grade elementary school to present age 58. Its the natural function of the visual system, so; just removing glasses activates it. Its really been around since the birth, evolution of the eye.

To the author, publishers; please print up more books and put the cover, Amazon look inside tool online.

I placed some camera snapshots of the book I bought.

Thank you,

These were the same techniques taught me in elementary school to relieve straign and fatigue brought on by reading texts and using a CRT. The bibliography is provacative, especially "The Bates Method For Better Eyesight Without Glasses" by William Bates, M.D.

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