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by Michael Lister

  • ISBN: 1606480413
  • Author: Michael Lister
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  • Rating: 4.7 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Bleak House Books (September 2009)
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  • Category: Mystery
  • Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
epub Double Exposure download

Bruised sky above rusted rim of earth. Black forest backlit by plum-colored clouds.

Bruised sky above rusted rim of earth. on James slowly makes his way beneath a canopy of pine and oak and cypress trees along a forest floor of fallen pine straw, wishing he’d worn a better jacket, his Chippewa snake boots slipping occasionally, unable to find footing on the slick surface

Double Exposure book. Michael Lister has produced an incredible tale of suspense and fear with his award winning novel Double Exposure

Double Exposure book. Michael Lister has produced an incredible tale of suspense and fear with his award winning novel Double Exposure. Remington is deep in the Florida woods, hunting for a trophy. But he doesn't carry a gun.

A 2010 Florida Book Award finalist! One fateful fall evening, as the sun sinks and the darkness expands, wildlife photographer Remington James ventures deep into the river swamp to try out some new equipment and check his camera traps.

It is the words and how they are chosen and how they are delivered that make this book special. They all spoke of it as if it were the best book they had ever read. I didn't believe what to me sounded like hype.

Michael Lister (born February 11, 1968) is an American novelist of Florida-based mysteries, suspense, thrillers, and noirs. He won the Florida Book Award in 2009 for his literary novel, Double Exposure. He has authored 32 mystery novels, most featuring his two best-known characters, prison chaplain John Jordan (Blood-themed series) and 1940s noir detective Jimmy "Soldier" Riley (Big-themed series). He has a total of 36 books in print.

A short trailer I created for the book "Double Exposure" by local author Michael Lister.

by. Lister, Michael, 1968-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Published by. TYRUS BOOKS. an imprint of F+W Media, Inc. 4700 East Galbraith Road. Cincinnati, Ohio 45236. For support and encouragement beyond description: Pam Lister, Micah Lister, Meleah Lister, Karen Turner, Mike and Judi Lister, Lynn Wallace, Bette Powell, Michael Connelly, Margaret Coel, Cricket Freeman, Rich Henshaw, and Jim Pascoe.

The body of a young woman propped against a prison fence. A series of suicides with a unique calling card. Mr. Lister's writing is stylistically fresh, frequently alliterative, and distinctive. Double Exposure" is a wholly original and ultimately haunting work, and it is highly recommended.

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Brick my own
Before reading this book I read reviews of it by people like Lee Child, Michael Connelly and Stephen King. They all spoke of it as if it were the best book they had ever read. I didn't believe what to me sounded like hype. They spoke the truth! This is the best book I have ever read. 90% of this story was Remington James talking to himself. He was on a night of discovery; but most of the discovery was of himself. Remington James came home to take care of his sick mother after his father died. He had lost himself in work and making money; in coming home he found his true passion - as a wildlife photographer. While taking pictures and checking camera traps, he accidentally took pictures of a man killing and burning a woman. As luck would have it, the man cam back to the scene and triggered the camera flash. For the rest of the night the killer and his friends chased him through the woods and swamps of north Florida. For the last few chapters, I hardly breathed!! Thank you Michael Lister for introducing me to Remington James and John Jordan!! Read this book - you won't regret it!!!
Another riveting story by Michael Lister. Remington James has gone back to his home town to take care of his mother after his dad's passing and to run the store. He also likes photography, so he sets up some cameras to try and catch some wild animals at night. What he catches is the worse kind of animal....murders. Can get make it back in time to show the pictures or will he be caught and killed like a poached animal? Read the book to find out.
I really enjoy this series but wish I hadn't bought this one. Why? This book is also in Blood Shots, book 15 in this series. I only purchased this because when checking a list of all the books in the series, it was listed as the book BEFORE #15. How disappointing to start 15 and reread the beginning of this--I thought I was having a really long deja vu moment at first. Turns out that book #15, Blood Shots. alternates chapters from this with new material, I found this really annoying so stopped reading it. I don't understand why this was released separately.
Michael Lister know how to write a book that will capture you and take you for an adventure like no other. This book uses words to ignite your imagination so that you are seeing and hearing and experiencing the feelings that the main character is. There is no hint to how it will end or what will happen next. You need to read on and feel what is happening moment to moment and word by word. Highly recommend to you adventurous readers.
Heartbreaking and heroic. Death, an affirmation of life. Love, the glue that binds everything together, that gives purpose and meaning to life. This was an astonishing book. Fast paced, thrilling, as well written as his John Jordan series (which I love), yet different. Staccato comes to mind in terms of style. Prose that's almost poetic, too. You can't help but become emotionally invested in Remington James and when you finish the book, you feel drained, spent--but also hopeful and uplifted. This was an incredible book. Michael Lister is an incredible author. Bravo!
Personally I did not care for the style of writing the author used in this book. The storyline was ok....character development was ok....there were a lot of passages and details that were not directly related to the storyline. It seems to me that the author needed to decide whether the story was about being tracked and possibly murdered OR write it solely about the main character realizing his life's true path. Separately there would have been two great stories.
Personally did not like the stream of consciousness narration. The bare story was good enough, but wordy. Several inconsistencies included men agreeing to talk in code and then not doing so, a rant about a woman's behavior and then how she's an angel, and some dialect that jarred me, as in " wouldn't've."
Nature's wonder wrapped around a cold evil.

This story unfolds like the wings of a newborn butterfly and closes in the raging love of a mother bear seeking to save her cub. After setting camera traps in the midst of the Apalachicola River Basin, Remington returns to collect the memory cards from them and discovers he has captured evidence of a terrible crime.

Michael Lister uses language expertly, only pausing from the relentless pursuit at the heart of this novel long enough to enlighten and illuminate the reader with passages from the works of other great writers who drew their inspiration from the secret signs left in the world by our creator.

If you love nature stories, if you love a good mystery, if you love tales of survival, or if you are in search of answers to the meaning of life, this is an excellent choice for you. My only regret is I can't ever read it again for the first time.

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