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by Christina Skye

  • ISBN: 0739432559
  • Author: Christina Skye
  • ePub ver: 1116 kb
  • Fb2 ver: 1116 kb
  • Rating: 4.9 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 427
  • Publisher: Dell Publishing Company (2003)
  • Formats: lit mbr azw docx
  • Category: Mystery
  • Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
epub Hot Pursuit download

Shopping did that to he. t least it always had before tonight. Now the possibility of danger hidden amid the laughter and noisy celebration couldn’t be discounted. But there was something else atched Jack prowl, checking th. .

Shopping did that to he. But there was something else atched Jack prowl, checking the crowd, making a small hand gesture to Izzy near the ba. or some reason, watching Jack at work seemed infinitely more interesting than haggling over slingbacks or evening bags. He was so competent, so cool, so intense that Taylor couldn’t take her eyes off hi. he let a pair of satin Manolo Blahniks get past her-at twenty percent off, no less

Christina Skye holds a P. in classical Chinese poetry. She has traveled to China and Asia many times, has been featured on Geraldo!, ABC Weekend News, the Arthur Frommer Show, Travel News Network, Voice of America, and Looking East.

Christina Skye holds a P. She curated one of the most popular exhibitions to date at the National Geographic Society's Explorer Hall in Washington and authored four critically acclaimed books on Chinese art, one of which was called "beautifully and lovingly crafted" according to the London Times.

Book in the SEAL and Code Name Series).

Another great book by Christina Skye. This is 4 in the Code Name/SEAL series. Taylor is a writer who gets pulled into a dangerous situation.

He’s hot. He’s tough . Another great book by Christina Skye.

Christina Skye loves the power of the written word. People Who Read Hot Pursuit Also Read. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Looking for More Great Reads?

Christina Skye loves the power of the written word. The New York Times bestselling author of thirty-six novels, seven novellas, and four nonfiction books still writes longhand. Usually when her characters refuse to behave. Looking for More Great Reads? Discover Book Picks from the CEO of Penguin Random House US. Close. Download Hi Res. Category: Contemporary Romance Suspense Romance.

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бесплатно, без регистрации и без смс. Hes hot. Hes tough. Bestselling suspense writer Taylor OToole has a huge problem-almost overnight, her quiet, humdrum life is starting to resemble one of her novels.

Город: Detroit, MI/La, CA/Tampa, FLПодписчиков: 14 ты. себе: Hi,Christina Skye main stream film star,.

He's hot. He's tough. He's dangerous...Bestselling suspense writer Taylor O'Toole has a huge problem--almost overnight, her quiet, humdrum life is starting to resemble one of her novels. Who knew that a little unofficial surveillance for a friend would backfire--throwing her into the crosshairs of a stalker? And why does her sexy new neighbor always seem to turn up when things start heading south?
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While the book continues the author's fascination with and adulation of navy seals, there is a complexity here missing in many of the other stories. The depiction of the hero is in keeping with the author's usual style; he is brave, handsome, dedicated, resistant to emotional involvement and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. He is an expert in weapons, technology and hand to hand combat. In short, the usual stereotype favored by Ms. Skye. The heroine is a bit more complex than the usual Skye female lead in that she is intelligent and not completely reliant on someone else for her purpose and protection. The bad guys' motives are not really explained, Why do they seek a chemical weapon? Are they terrorists or merely criminals seeking to make a score. Of course, the chief villain is motivated more by his desire to prove that he is a superman than by any effort to secure the McGuffin in the story. If they had stolen her tote, the whole story could have ended in two chapters without descriptions of his enjoyment of torturing people to achieve his ends. The plot may be clumsy but the people are a little more interesting than usual.
What I love most about this author's books is that you never know what path they will take. They are always, always interesting and exciting. She has a way with the sexual content of her books that makes it sound loving and passionate at the same time. Great read.
I love Christina Skye's SEAL/Spy romances. My daughter, who owns a Kindle, was sent the complete set and she stayed up half the night, reading these books. When my books were borrowed and not returned, I simply bought another set so I can read them again.
Fast pace, twists and turns, believable romance. Great read!
Swift Summer
I love Christina Skye's books. This is another one of her Navy seals books. It was hot and full of romance.
How can someone who is supposedly a mystery writer be so stupid? Just once, once mind you, I would like to read a romantic novel where the woman can be smart and yet not too stupid to live at the same time. Where she understands that her actions will put others at risk and works from within the parameters she is given rather than just thinking about herself. It could be a great story her figuring things out on her own and making helpful suggestions rather than being so stubborn. At least 4 incidents have happened and she's still trying to sneak off on her own or telling them she wants her life back. I did not find her a likable heroine at all, in fact very irritating. Grammatically, descriptively it is a decent book. But the whole icky villain thing is just to make you think "Oh, she's going to end up under his knife, but Jack will save her" because of course she is TSTL! And there is this whole dilemma in the beginning of the book over something she discovers from her past and then it is dropped (for at least the next 200 pages, I still have not got myself to finish the book). I see no reason for chemistry between her and Jack; Jack again, of course, is the H who never makes a real mistake but feels guilty about everything anyway. And really? Having sex in a safe house that you know would have ears on it, and no reprimand for that? The real "bad guy" ie insider was telegraphed from so early in the book that that was irritating too. If you are going to do that, then do it out in the open and we watch while the characters figure out something we are privy to but they aren't. I like the Draycott series but this was a real let down, or perhaps just a product of the era in which it was written.
When mystery writer Taylor O'Toole offers to help her friend Candace with an unfaithful boyfriend, she didn't expect to get swept into her own mysterious world filled with mobsters, hit men, and death threats. But that is exactly what happens, starting with a mysterious climbing fall, a bouquet of black roses complete with a threat, then getting her own Navy SEAL assigned to watch after her every move. Taylor is confused- what could she possibly know about the disappearance of a Navy scientist and the threat of a deadly drug that international terrorists are after?

With SEAL Jack Broussard watching over her, Taylor begins to feel frustrated with the whole situation. She couldn't be in any real danger, right? But a gruesome wakeup call and the death of an officer opens her eyes to the terrifying world she has stumbled into. Her love for the SEAL begins to cloud both their judgments, and their missteps almost get them both killed.

Hot Pursuit by Christina Skye has some good elements to it- specifically the suspense and the mystery. I thought the plot dragged on in the beginning, and you have wait until the end to really get caught up in the story. I liked the mystery, though the whole terrorists and hiding drugs did seem a teeny far-fetched, and the coincidences seemed a little too, well coincidental. I enjoyed the fact that I could not figure out all the guilty players involved until the very end when the criminals are unveiled. That kept the suspense even higher for me, and made me want to keep reading. This wasn't my favorite book, but still a fun read, and romantic thriller fans will be entertained.

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