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by Colin Harrison

  • ISBN: 0440224330
  • Author: Colin Harrison
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  • Rating: 4.5 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Island Books (September 8, 1997)
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  • Category: Mystery
  • Subcategory: Mystery
epub Manhattan Nocturne download

Manhattan Nocturne is a crime novel by Colin Harrison set in Manhattan, first published in 1996. The novel was published in America in hardcover by Crown and remains in print by Picador in trade paperback.

Manhattan Nocturne is a crime novel by Colin Harrison set in Manhattan, first published in 1996. Porter Wren is a columnist, crime reporter for a New York City newspaper. He is a popular journalist and his stories are widely read

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The author of Bodies Electric and Break and Enter takes the classic noir novel and elevates it into a literary portrait of a soul divided.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A columnist for a New York tabloid finds the precarious balance of his life threatened by a woman who comes out of the Manhattan night to lure him with a promise he can't resist-a chance to see even deeper into the dark night of the city he is compelled to know.

Manhattan Nocturne Audio, Cassette – Audiobook, September 1, 1997

Manhattan Nocturne Audio, Cassette – Audiobook, September 1, 1997. by. Colin Harrison (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. I have only recently discovered Colin Harrison and I'm delighted to have done so. I have enjoyed each of the four or five books of his that I've read so far but Manhattan Nocturn stands out as the best so far. There are ways in which his writing reminds me of Thomas Wolfe, not the smarmy new one, but the original. Harrison’s attention to the small details of life as well as those of the human soul make him a true writer.

MANHATTAN NOCTURNE – NR Colin Harrison NYC tabloid columnist, Porter Wren attends a party and is sought out by beautiful Caroline Crowley, widow of film director Simon Crowley, because she has "a little problem. After phoning his wife and lying about why he'll be home late, Porter finds himself in Caroline's Fifth Avenue apartment and drawn ever deeper into the life of a dangerous woman and the dark heart of the city. I must admit being bored by this book.

Praise for Manhattan Nocturne. Manhattan Nocturne soars. Colin Harrison is the author of several novels, including The Havana Room and Afterburn. Mr. Harrison has produced a thriller that seems to want to be equal parts of Raymond Chandler, William Styron, and Tom Wolfe. These corollary aspirations generate some of the greatest pleasures in Mr. Harrison's novel, so that the same narrative that impresses us with its top-to-bottom knowledge of New York City fauna is also illuminating about the quiet acts of omission that irrevocably damage a marriage. Entertainment Weekly.

Manhattan nocturne : a novel. Harrison, Colin, 1960-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by station17. cebu on October 21, 2019.

He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife, writer Kathryn Harrison, and their three children.

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Now a major motion picture, Manhattan Night, starring Adrien Brody, Campbell Scott, Yvonne Strahovski, and Linda Lavin Porter Wren is a Manhattan tabloid writer with an appetite for scandal. On the beat he sells murder, tragedy, and anything that passes for the truth. At home, he is a dedicated husband and father.

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At night in the city, anything is possible.  Even the truth.For Porter Wren, the city is the story: of millionaires on the make and strippers on the clock.  Of a young woman with perfect teeth and a tragic past.  Of a brilliant filmmaker's body found in the rubble of a demolished building.  For Wren, a top New York tabloid columnist, the story is always changing but never different, always shocking but never a surprise.  Until he steps over the line.A beautiful woman has entered Wren's life.  She's jeopardizing his family and his marriage.  She's leading him into the netherworld her dead filmmaker husband chronicled on secret videotapes--and to a billionaire who wants one of those tapes badly.  Suddenly, Porter Wren, the man who has seen it all and written it all, is on the run through the city that once was his beat, through a maze of deception, sexual obsession, and blackmail--searching for the one thing that will set him free and the last thing he expects to find: the truth.
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Here are 10 reasons to put Colin Harrison’s thriller on your reading list:

1. The Voice – A cross between Dashiell Hammett hardboiled and Upton Sinclair social commentary. Mr. Harrison has the literary virtuosity to pull it off. You’d have to go a long way to find a writer with a greater command of language. Here’s a quick sample from the first-person narrator and main character, newspaper reporter Porter Wren: “When the column was done my thoughts returned to the previous afternoon, and I suppose that if my marital guilt were a cave, then I meant now to feel along the dark, damp walls for the sharp places and for the size of the cavity I had opened within myself.”

2. The City – As in Manhattan; all the fast-paced action takes place in the Big Apple – it’s as if the streets, subways and all those multistory buildings inject the characters with super-charged vim.

3. The Beautiful Babe – Porter Wren first encounters her at a publishing party. “Her face was no less beautiful as it approached, but I could see a certain determination in her features. Dark brows, blonde hair lifted off her neck. The rope of pearls. Her breasts moved heavily against the silky materials of her gown, which, I now saw, was not white but, more alluringly, the color of the flesh of a peach.” Meet Caroline Crowley, a femme fatale if there ever was one.

4. The Artist – Filmmaker Simon Crowley, Caroline’s dead husband who died a tragic death but left tons of video footage, including a number of very hot clips people in high places would love to get their hands on. In a series of Carolyn’s flashbacks along with Wren’s commentary on Simon appearing in his own videos, we are given a riveting picture of the filmmaker’s character.

5. The Tycoon – Owner of a series of multinational publishing and media companies, a big, fat Australian by the name of Hobbs who visits NYC to establish his presence and oversee the deals. At one point in the story Hobbs anticipates a deal-making phone-call from Rupert Murdoch. Surely it is more than coincidence the tycoon shares his name with 17th century English philosopher Thomas Hobbs, author of his famous book, ‘The Leviathan’, wherein he wrote how, prior to political community, the natural state of man is nasty, brutish and short. Ironically, as Porter Wren narrates, modern urban life can still be, if not so short, than quite nasty and brutish.

6. The Cop – Hal Fitzgerald is a hard-talking, high-level NYC policeman who deals with Porter Wren and stands for truth and justice, particularly when it comes to a police officer killed in the line of duty. Video footage Wren comes across is high-stakes; even Major Giuliani makes a cameo appearance in the novel.

7. The Family – Porter Wren lives in NYC with his brilliant surgeon wife and their young children, all of whom play an important role as the story unfolds and winds around Manhattan’s sharp corners.

8. The Mood – As in nocturne; a pensive, dreamy mood pervades the novel, especially Porter Wren’s nighttime relationship with Caroline Crowley.

9. The Pleasure – This novel is a page-turner. Once you get several pages in you’ll want to keep reading and reading. If you like your literary fiction with a bite, you’ve found your book of the month.

10. The Movie – IMDb’s internet site provides an update on the film being made from Harrison’s novel. Usually I don’t go to films, but this is one I will make a point of seeing.
The main character writes about crime in the city. He goes to see a mysterious woman without telling his wife. I was bored. None of the intrigue ever grabbed my interest. I liked his other book but not this one.
Harrison is quite a good writer. He paints very vivid characters and scenes.

This book about a famous columnist who gets caught up in muddle as several storylines all come together on top of him.

Parts of the story are a bit of a stretch and though I read the ending twice, I couldn't quite understand how the columnist knows what to do in the steps leading up to the finale.

But whatever - the ride is quite fun and worth a few gimmes. The characters are interesting and engaging. The storylines clever and different from the run of the mill.

Definitely recommend it.

Note: This book is not as violent as the other book I read of his - Afterburn. I'm not particularly squeamish, but that story had some seriously violent scenes. This one has none of that - good family entertainment. Well maybe not quite, but not violent.
Good story not for everyone but I liked it more than I thought I would hate to say it but the ending was the best part and spoiler alert don't think i could've trend Caroline in if it had been myself in a similar situation that sed it makes you think about the line between right and wrong and the place in between
I have only recently discovered Colin Harrison and I'm delighted to have done so. I have enjoyed each of the four or five books of his that I've read so far but Manhattan Nocturn stands out as the best so far. There are ways in which his writing reminds me of Thomas Wolfe, not the smarmy new one, but the original. Harrison’s attention to the small details of life as well as those of the human soul make him a true writer. I hope he will write many more books.
The artistic temperment in NYC gone wild and why not?, This novel portrays art with myriad consorting muses taken to the extremes of passion and enabled at every moment for this creation to create and finalize itself whatever the cost. Where but in 1970's Manhatten, partly staged and choreographed in the bowels and skylights of a multi storied modernized early 1900 Bowery warehouse, with elevators, like grilled ornate cages (see Bladerunner or Last Tango) and the artist maddened wild delirious, or is it rather, the artist committed to his obsessively well planned spontaneous yet not quite illogical living creations. Yet all is foiled by love! Very last minute-y of course by a mere human gallant though rottweilers be in hot pursuit. Read it! Particularly if you like anything Colin Harrison wrote, read this one. I think it to be his true masterpiece! Beware! NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! Manhatten Nocturne has a good great fine and elegant ending. Pure suspense involving an artist whose perversions are shown to be truly part of creation's logic. To quote a noir writer.....First you dream then you die....... If this is based on a true situation, the NYC police have shredded the police records/ reports if indeed they were even notified. A Fine thriller you won't put down easily. I read it 3 times and will again!

Do read it if only for the small story told at the end; an exhausted North Dakota father finally gives a young girl her much sought after horse.
An engaging thriller for which Colin Harrison has a knack---keeping me tensely involved throuoght.
Solid read. I read it with the characters for the upcoming movie in mind. Typically I read the book before it is cast or before I see the movie. Yvonne Strahovsky and Adriene Brody are well cast for the roles. I am looking forward to the movie. I hope that characters in the movie are as deep, complex and flawed as they are in the book.

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