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by Harvard Business Review

  • ISBN: 1422129713
  • Author: Harvard Business Review
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  • Rating: 4.4 of 5
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  • Pages: 128
  • Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press (June 17, 2010)
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  • Category: Money
  • Subcategory: Management & Leadership
epub Thinking Strategically (Pocket Mentor) download

To be a successful manager, you need to master the skills that characterize strategic thinking--from examining situations to interpreting information--and know how to apply those skills on the job. In Thinking Strategically, you'll learn to:Understand what strategic thinking is and why it is valuableView strategic thinking as a processRecognize the personal traits, behaviors, attitudes, and cognitive capacities that strategic thinkers demonstrate
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This book does not provide a structured view on how to think strategically. This is the main gripe most negative reviews have with this particular book. They list, not comprehensively, a few considerations of what goes into a strategic thinking process, but there is no underlying structure. This book does not provided a step-by-step guide on how to conceptually think about strategy problems nor how to solve them. The main take away from the book is that you should brainstorm solutions to a problem after you have considered who it will affect in your company and the environment in which you are conducting business in. This approach is not only incredibly difficult and time consuming, but you will frequently find yourself unable to tell if you have explored all your options. This will lead to you making inaccurate and terrible plans; the downfall of any leader. After reading this book, I challenge anyone to come up with a great recommendation to solve a strategic problem using the methods in this book. You will be very disappointed.
I found neither new information in this book nor any useful insights.
To explain the level of discourse in this book, I'll employ an analogy:
When I first learned about accounting and finance we used a lemonade stand example to explain COGS, SG&A, working capital, etc.
If this book took a similar parable approach, it probably would have been more helpful (but still only at the level of an extreme novice). Instead the book lists suggestions for "strategic thinking" in 7 chapters:
1. See the big picture
2. Articulate Strategic objectives
3. Identify relationships, patterns, and trends
4. get creative
5. Analyze information
6. Prioritize your actions
7. Make trade-offs

If concepts such as
estimating how long parts of a project will take, find potential bottlenecks, make sure you have all the relevant information, think creatively before settling on a course of action
are new to you, maybe you will find this book worthwhile.
Another great book in this series of short-and-practical business books by Harvard University Press. I've read several of them and find them to be very practical. What you read today you can apply today on the job . . . and if you don't apply it well, you can simple refer back to the often step-by-step instructions and improve your skills next time.
I really enjoy this book even though it is a quick read. The points are very clear and concise, plus I appreciate the addition of example worksheets to follow in applying the books concepts. I highly recommend this book and cannot argue with the price.
Any book, magazine or newsletter from Harvard is always easy to follow, it's coherent and organized. I always profit more than I expect. I recommend this book to everyone who has a managing position and has to deal with people all the time.
This book did help me to understand how to get a strategic thinking about business, that means I got new skills to figure out business characteristics and scenarios and formulate the right solution.
Great self help pocket book . Straight to the point, practical examples, and practical tools assisting to put in practice the ideas learnt. Excellent resource!
Received in good order

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