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by Werner E. Kohler,Lee W. Johnson

  • ISBN: 0321290445
  • Author: Werner E. Kohler,Lee W. Johnson
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  • Rating: 4.7 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 640
  • Publisher: Pearson; 2 edition (April 2, 2011)
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  • Category: Math
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epub Elementary Differential Equations (2nd Edition) download

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by Werner E. Kohler (Author), Lee W. Johnson (Author). ISBN-13: 978-0201709261. Why is ISBN important? ISBN. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work.

Elementary Differential Equations Hardcover – Import, May 28, 2009. by Werner E.

Student Solutions Manual for Elementary Differential Equations and Elementary Differential Equations . Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients. we provide an introduction to some simple Maple comma.

Student Solutions Manual for Elementary Differential Equations and Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems. 66 MB·672 Downloads·New! Transform. Solution of Initial Value Problems. 23 MB·986 Downloads·New!

Werner E. Kohler, Lee W. Johnson. Only a week into my linear algebra course, but the first few sections of this book at least have proved very helpful and articulate.

Werner E.

Elementary Differential Equations. Werner E. Kohler (author), Lee Johnson (author). Kohler, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University. Lee W. Johnson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University. Introduction to Mathematical Models. Population Dynamics and Radioactive Decay. Exact Differential Equations. The Logistic Population Model. Applications to Mechanics.

Elementary Differential Equations book. Details (if other): Cancel.

Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems integrates the underlying theory, the solution . Elementary Differential Equations Bound with IDE CD Package. Kohler and Lee W.

Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems integrates the underlying theory, the solution procedures, and the nal aspects o. .

Elementary Differential .has been added to your Cart. by Werner E Kohler (Author), Lee W Johnson (Author).

Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems integrates the underlying theory, the solution procedures, and the numerical/computational aspects of differential equations in a seamless way that provides students with the necessary framework to understand and solve differential equations. Theory is presented as simply as possible with an emphasis on how to use it. With an emphasis on linear equations, linear and nonlinear equations (first order and higher order) are treated in separate chapters. In developing mathematical models, this text guides the student carefully through the underlying physical principles leading to the relevant mathematics. Asking students to use common sense, intuition, and ‘back-of-the-envelope’ checks as well as challenging them to anticipate and interpret the physical content of the solution encourage critical thinking. MARKET: Intended for use in introductory course in differential equations.

Comments (7)

It's a lot of money for a basic book. Seriously, this stuff is not new, there's no research involved. Text books should be priced similar to any other book, but for some reason they're priced like the author had to travel to outer space to conduct research. This is an ongoing problem in the education industry. There's no reason to have a new version of the book every year or two. This stuff is not changing. I pulled my text books from the '80s and sure enough, it's all the same basic stuff, the plot doesn't even change, just the "characters". How is it a lady in England can create a whole new imaginary world and sell the books reasonably while we rehash the same old stuff in text books and it costs a fortune?
Came in good condition, and it was pretty cheap especially for a math textbook.
I used this book as a supplement for a class. It is a decent read, most of the examples are extremely easy to follow and all topics covered were easy to understand. I would definitely recommend it to anyone delving into differential equations in both academics and for professional use.
Math instructor at a small liberal arts college. Nice addition to my library at a good price. Good quality for a used book. Good price.
I look for this on eBay and couldn't find it no where. I was glade I had an amazon account to get this book for school.
This was the correct book, but did not have the CD.
This book is a good one because it gives the most important equation that an engineer needs to know. The angle of the dangle is proportional to the heat of the meat if and only if the bootie and the cutie and the dimension of the extension is equal to the cube of the boob.
I used this book for my Introductary Differential Equations course and it satisfied my needs with respect to presentation of the theory and clear examples.

Although I have never used any other Differential Equations book, I suspect that many are very similiar. The material itself is not as theoretical as something like Linear Algebra (which is tied very strongly to the course), but it is still a intresting subject.

A wealth of applications and non-theroetical topics were covered as well as some intresting theoretical sections such as, 2 dimensional linear systems and equilbriums (indeed all of Chapter 8 "Non-Linear Systems" was quite intresting).

The structure of the book deviates often from the standard "Theorem-Proof-Example" order, usually, when deemed appropriate defers to a more advanced treatment of the particular subject matter.

Usually, each section is introduced by some exposition on why the topic is intresting or may mention some historical notes of the topic. The examples and problem sets given in the books were my only real complaint as I felt they were trivial even for the class I was taking (a non-honors course). However, this seems to be a trait common in many modern textbooks of math.

I believe this book would very much satisfy the needs of a physics or other natural sciences student. It presents relevent examples, clear exposition, rigor when useful and practical, and covers most of the standard topics in intro. Differential Equations (however, the section on numerical methods is rather small given the expected mean reader of this book).

All in all a decent book, one quick note, the binding on my book (hardcover) is starting to loosen up and certain sections have cracked.... Since I did not use this book often and bought it new, the assembling of this book is suspect, although i cannot say whether this is just mine or if it is common to others.

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