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by David L. Streiner,Geoffrey R. Norman

  • ISBN: 1550093479
  • Author: David L. Streiner,Geoffrey R. Norman
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  • Rating: 4.4 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: pmph usa; 3 edition (September 30, 2007)
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  • Category: Math
  • Subcategory: Biological Sciences
epub Biostatistics: The Bare Essentials, 3e download

This book translates biostatistics in the health sciences literature with clarity .

Biostatistics : The Bare Essentials Biostatistics The Bare Essentials. Published by Thriftbooks.

This book translates biostatistics in the health sciences literature with clarity and irreverence

Geoffrey R. Norman, David L. Streiner. Reprint of the 1994 Decker original

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Geoffrey R. ISBN 13: 9781550091236. Series: Biostatistics: The Bare Essentials.

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Norman, Geoffrey R. Subjects.

Автор: Norman & Streiner Название: Biostatistics: Bare . The text covers both essential and advanced techniques and applications in biostatistics that are relevant to epidemiology

This book translates biostatistics in the health sciences literature with clarity and irreverence. Students and practitioners alike applaud Biostatistics: as the practical guide that exposes them to every statistical test they may encounter, with careful conceptual explanations and a minimum of algebra. The new Bare Essentials reflects recent advances in statistics, as well as time-honored methods. For example hierarchical linear modeling, which first appeared in psychology journals and only now is seen in medical literature, is described. Also new is a chapter on testing for equivalence and non-inferiority, and another on getting started with the computer statistics program, SPSS. Free of calculations and jargon, Bare Essentials speak so plainly that you won t need a technical dictionary. No math, all concepts. The objective is to enable you to determine if the re are applicable to your own patients. Throughout the guide, you ll find highlights of areas in which researchers misuse or misinterpret statistical tests. We have labeled these C.R.A.P. Detectors (Convoluted Reasoning and Anti-intellectual Pomposity), which help you to identify faulty methodology and misuse of statistics.
Comments (7)

I did learn some statistics from this book, but I found Rosner's Fundamentals of Biostatistics to be more useful and easier to understand.

- They do a decent job of explaining some difficult concepts

- If you don't like textbooks that try to liven-up dry subject matter with humor, then you will hate this book. These guys go overboard.
- The humor is mostly crude and I found it distracting more than anything.
- Often times they will introduce a formula, then give no example of it being used. Rosner does a good job of following up formulas and concepts with well written examples.
- I often spent a lot of time trying to grasp a topic in this book, only to find, when I opened up Rosner, I could figure it out quickly.
- Lots of unnecessary writing (mostly related to their attempts at humor)

Intuitive Biostatistics by Motolsky is also good if you are only interested in learning broad concepts. It does not delve into the math.
I had to buy this book for a biostats class in pharmacy school. It does a decent job explaining concepts, but sometimes it was hard to follow. Honestly, I really didn't care for the crude humor. I don't mind those kinds of jokes, but they were just awkward, not funny. My teacher found many other subjects to use as analogies to explain concepts, but apparently this guy thought it would be "cool" to talk about penises all the time (no joke). It's fine if you want to joke about that kind of stuff when you're at a bar with good friends, but not in a textbook that's used in professional programs.
This is my favorite Biostat book. It covers everything that I and most medical scientists and readers would need. It is clear and understandable. Most importantly, it is very readable. Unlike other statistics books it is FUNNY! This makes it fun to read, of course, and, if you read it, you learn. I bought this copy as a gift for a trainee.
Love this book! I have used this more than any other statistics texts on my shelf! Arrived in excellent condition, in the time frame promised. The disc enclosed cannot be used with a Mac computer, however.
Book is not that helpful with cut and dry concepts and calculations, but it does contain entertaining input from the authors throughout... I am required to have this book, but might've considered another if I were a biostatistics major...
Der Bat
item as described. fast shipping
The book is simple minded and easy to understand without the complicated math. But there are two versions of the book. One comes with a bonus disk with SPSS. The other does not come with any disk at all. So you have to be sure you know what you are getting. Unfortunately I wanted the bonus disk with SPSS but I got the book without it. So I am stuck.
This was a great book for stats class, not the old boring type that non one wants to read.

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