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by Brian Keith Lewis,Mark Gimenez

  • ISBN: 0739323237
  • Author: Brian Keith Lewis,Mark Gimenez
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  • Rating: 4.3 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Random House Audio; Abridged edition (October 18, 2005)
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  • Category: Fiction
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epub The Color of Law download

The Color of Law book.

The Color of Law book. The Color of Law. (Scott Fenney by. Mark Gimenez (Goodreads Author).

Mark Gimenez makes his debut with a legal thriller. that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you have not read any books by Mark Gimenez (now one of my favourite authors) I strongly recommend that you read this book first - you will not be disappointed. San Antonio Express-News"An unbeatable thriller with a lot of heart. 8 people found this helpful.

The Color of Law: A Novel. Written by Mark Gimenez

The Color of Law: A Novel. Written by Mark Gimenez. Narrated by Brian Keith Lewis. This is the choice that Scott Fenney faces when he's assigned a political hot potato of a pro bono defense case in Mark Gimenez's debut legal thriller, The Color of Law. A poor-boy college football hero turned successful partner at a prominent Dallas firm-who long ago checked his conscience at the door-catches a case that forces him to choose between his enviable lifestyle and doing the right thing in this masterful debut legal thriller.

Praise for mark gimenez's. This book is dedicated to. Frank Gimenez (1926–1990) and Janie Gimenez, my parents. Jack Hutchison (1931–1998), my father-in-law.

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Читать онлайн The Color of Law. Gimenez Mark.

He was also a major-league screwup. Or so his father often said, usually right before threatening to cut Clark out of his will. Usually because of nights like this-drinking, drugs, and girls. It was Saturday night and Clark, drunk on whiskey and wired on cocaine, was trolling for a hooker in his father. Читать онлайн The Color of Law. PROLOGUE.

Brian Keith Lewis adopts a confidential tone as he becomes Fenney, other cogs in the legal machinery, the senator, the accused (who refuses to plead guilty), and, most important, a pair of 9-year-old girls, one the lawyer's daughter and one the prostitute's. Their relationship as seen by author and reader makes this abridged but plausible story stand out.

The Color of Law sf-1. Mark Gimenez. The Sunday Times (Perth) "Gimenez's novels are gripping, intense thrillers. Guaranteed to keep you up well into the night, The Perk is an exceptionally well crafted novel, populated by a cast of characters that are realistically-drawn and appealing.

Scott rolled out of bed, put on his shorts, and hurried down the hall and up the stairs to the third floor. He found the girls on the bed. Pajamae was fixing Boo’s cornrows. Get your clothes on, girls, we’re going to church. Boo’s mouth fell open.

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Why indecision? I could not decide if this was a story about another money grubbing, no conscious having, well privileged, Caucasian attorney...from a historically racist state. With those initial expectations out of the way, my journey on said roller coaster begins. Mr. Gimenez, I, an African American, who is an avid reader , gives the highest praise for this novel. I am very good at sifting through the useless to get to the good. Your novel was amazing in that you had me fooled! I was going to stop reading it when the story seemed to only glorify the back room deals lawyers, corporations and government officials make to increase their wealth. I did not like how the average person's lives were played with...it made me sick and mad. I felt like a traitor for even continuing to read this novel, but for some reason I felt like I should stick with it and find what the outcome would be. Am I ever glad that I did. You got me! This is one of the best reads that I have read in a long time. Thank you for being an author that makes the reader feel for the well rounded out characters...there were many that I loved, disliked and truly hated! I loved how you shared knowledge on The state of Texas, on Houston, Dallas, on how lawyer firms work, how shady corporate cases work, how many get blinded by the money and all of it's trappings, how even the most hardened can change...and the explanation on the color of the law...simply amazing. You are an author I will recommend to others and one who I will search for and joyfully purchase and read anything else you've written. When authors are imparting knowledge on areas some readers, like me for instance, do not know much about, there is always the danger of going down the road of long winded diatribes, or bordering on boring classroom lectures that put you to sleep... but no, your inserts of historical facts, truths on corporate and government greed, the injustices that occur in courtrooms everywhere were weaved well within the the story. The best , absolute best references and comparisons were to one of my all time favorite book/movie, To Kill a Mockingbird. Well done, great read, thoroughly enjoyed this
I read the second book in this series about the Dallas lawyer Aticus Scott Fenny first. Which inspired me to read this one. It is simply excellent. I’m fully aware of the criticism he has recieved from women offended by the one dimensional women he writes about. I’d like to submit that the girls being raised by Fenny are not one dimensional and are on track to be very special adults. I’m afraid that there are some women who are only interested in trading their looks for money but as the me too movement gets underway I think there will be fewer of those. I hope so. But it isn’t wrong, in the mean time, to describe such women as they fit into a really great story.
This is the best legal thriller I have read this year. It is an emotional story of legal, ethical and personal dilemmas faced by a young and successful lawyer, written by someone who has been a partner in a major law firm and has run his own small business who gives an edge of real authenticity to the story.

A. Scott Fenney's Mother always said that he had a gift but he didn't really understand what it was. Before bed she would read a chapter of To Kill a Mocking Bird and say `Scotty, be like Atticus. Be a lawyer. Do good.'. Scott was always a great achiever, topping class at law school with an fantastic record of success on the football field. He was recruited by a top legal firm in Dallas and soon became their youngest and most successful performer. He believed that his gift had made him rich, and had given him a beautiful wife and daughter, a million dollar house, a Ferrari and designer clothes.

When he joined the the firm his boss told him "Scotty, the color of law isn't black-and-white, it's green! The rule of law is money - money rules! Money makes the law and the law protects the money! And lawyers protect the people with money!" In following this creed Scott no longer recognized the difference between making a deal and compromising his integrity. It was also very clear that the color of his law practice was also white, not black or latino.

One day this was tested when a Federal Judge appointed him to defend a black hooker, Shawanda Jones, a heroin addict accused of killing the wayward son of a Federal Senator. As this was pro-bono work Scott's first reaction is to hire a cheaper defense lawyer so that he could keep up the billable hours but Shawanda was adamant during pre-trial that he should be her lawyer. She also asked him to make sure that her 9 year old daughter Pajamae living alone in a dangerous part of Dallas was kept safe during the trial. By taking the case and looking after Pajamae the color of Scott's law had changed from green to black.

From then on Scott is faced with a dilemma when pressure is placed on him by powerful people to drop the case, pressure that could kill his successful career. Scott soon finds out that the the pressure isn't a game and he is forced to understand that life should really be about truth and justice, not money or power or color, and that only his real gift can save his defendant's life.

Gimenez is a skilful author who gears up the tension, not only with the pressures on Scott's professional and personal life but also in how he can defend someone who looks guilty but continues to plead her innocence. It was a skilfully crafted emotional roller coaster which continued to the last page.

By chance I read the sequel Accused first (also a great legal thriller) and I took a long time to get around to reading this book because the sequel told me a lot about what happened earlier. If you have not read any books by Mark Gimenez (now one of my favourite authors) I strongly recommend that you read this book first - you will not be disappointed.

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