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by J Michael Wahlgren

  • ISBN: 1905202903
  • Author: J Michael Wahlgren
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  • Rating: 4.7 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 88
  • Publisher: Bewrite Books (June 12, 2008)
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  • Category: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Poetry
epub Silent Actor download

J. Michael Wahlgren’s books.

J. Michael Wahlgren’s most popular book is Modern Candy. Silent Actor by. J. Michael Wahlgren. Chariots of Flame by.

Michael Guinn (better known only as Michael G) is a retired voice actor who voiced Harry Mason in Silent Hill. Michael got his start in voice acting with the 1993 video game Ridge Racer, in which he voiced the announcer

Michael Guinn (better known only as Michael G) is a retired voice actor who voiced Harry Mason in Silent Hill. Michael got his start in voice acting with the 1993 video game Ridge Racer, in which he voiced the announcer. He then went on to appear in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Time Crisis and Cross. In 1999, Michael performed the voice acting for Harry Mason in Silent Hill. An interview of him can be found here.

Michael Wahlgren doesn't have any collections.

Niclas Hans Ivar Wahlgren is a Swedish artist and actor born on July 8, 1965 in Gustavsberg, Värmdö, Stockholm County, Sweden. His younger sister is Pernilla Wahlgren. Niclas Hans Ivar Wahlgren is a Swedish artist and actor born on July 8, 1965 in Gustavsberg, Värmdö, Stockholm County, Sweden.

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This collection of poems by J. Michael Wahlgren invites the reader to follow an ongoing process of both discovery and reflection for the poet. With a wry, quiet humor and compelling vision, Wahlgren's search for grace and understanding throughout life is wrought with passion, yet his poems remain quietly elegant and straightforward as he discusses sex, heartbreak, marriage and other human experiences. Small pleasures can be found in every poem, from Wahlgren's stimulating language to his thoughtful revelations, the collection depicting the delicate moments of everyday life in a fresh and exquisite manner.
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J. Michael Wahlgren's first collection of poems is cohesive, vivid, deeply felt, musical, and playful with language.

The poet blends narrative and lyric to unravel complex observations on the part of the speaker: the topics span a wide range of life experience, from adult romance to childhood games of spin the bottle (one of my favorite poems), and the speaker, as the title suggests, stands as an actor in all of these life dramas, letting the world's stage stun and inspire.

I was most impressed by the surprising language play throughout the book: Wahlgren has lines that stick with you, that you must read over and over for their originality. In one poem, "Fame is a Virtue," Wahlgren twists a common cliche by following with a first line that says "Patience is a bar stool, settling in, watching the game." These lines tickle the reader with their cleverness, but also reveal deeper meanings of human experience: in this case, patience is only obtained through distraction (and ironically the distraction is to look at fame on the television, the ultimate ideal.) In just a few witty lines, Wahlgren manages to surprise the reader and offer some interesting tongue in cheek social commentary as well.

Another merit to this book is the musicality of it. Often times, Wahlgren is able to play with rhyme and rhythm in inventive ways. His rhymes, like his language, are always surprising--never trite or simple. In "New Waltz," the lines dance back and forth across the page, and the rhymes aptly carry the music of the dance as the speaker declares "Come with me/into the arms of America./ We can set free/the lobster traps, or reel in a fish/ and return it to its place of origin./We can breathe/ the fresh sea air,/dedicated/to an inner waltz, a push through." The music in this is stunning, but equally stunning is the meaning behind it: the speaker has trumped our expectations of a literal dance and revealed the intriguing world of the inner dance of us all as we search for a beloved, as we dream freedom through picturing the captivity of other things. The forms of Wahlgren's poems serve to further embody the meaning wrestled from the complex stage of the Silent Actor.

Several tropes reappear in the book: namely that of the waltz and the origami. I found that their reappearance and fresh metaphors added cohesion to the collection and complicated the poems in interesting and enigmatic ways.

In short, Wahlgren's voice is fresh and vivid, both witty and serious, well worth a read. Also, be aware that J. Michael Wahlgren is the editor of Gold Wake Press and has good taste to boot! I have yet to pick up a Gold Wake title that I did not enjoy. Check out what that press has to offer!
J Michael Wahlgren achieves an unusual cohesion in his first full length book of poems, Silent Actor. The collection is exhilaratingly experimental, but lyrical, and deeply felt. A sequence of interlocking poems in solid stanzas, two line stanzas, new forms that zigzag down the page, this collection has a novelistic feel. The narrative arc features a tumultuous relationship between two characters, their story told mainly from the male narrator's point-of-view, who stands in for a metaphoric reel of film ("My mind is racing like film. You are the projector") and who, in the final bedside scene, wants to be "more like you."

Wahlgren's inventive language does not shrink from any topic, whether it's love and sex, ("Red Light Green Light") or illness and death ("X & O," about cleaning out a grandmother's house after she moves into a nursing home). Exciting poetics abound in acrobatic metaphors, grounded in elegant depictions of the everyday, but where Wahlgren excels is in the music of his work. There is legato phrasing, the sentences often long and scuptural. Throughout the diverse structural freedom of the poems, the rhythms of the line breaks and word spacings, and a very progressive handling of the line give rise to ideas beyond the obvious. A special tension is created by the use of incomplete clauses, as in this example from "Co-Sign"--

______ To find
a place for this petal of thought.

Good for you, I said, I didn't know
how else to respond - with this canvas -
____________ a chin-wet origami.

To start on first, to steal second, to start again,
_____ all comes together on a plum, dark and tethered.

There was a train
___________ watching
_______________ from
___________________ headlights.


(spacing approximate) The use of punctuation, white space, and syntax modulates the poet's word choice. Never indifferent, his figuration is imbued with color. This literate work is dotted with allusions drawn from philosophy, popular culture, music, and most frequently, film. "Bright Lights" uses all of this at once. When referencing film, the poet speaks to the reader as an observer of that film. In "Move On," the action rises--

"I want to live in a world with metaphors," she says.
The moon is a__ I say, fill in the blanks.

She says "lipstick."
I say remover. She removes her clothing.

--and the reader responds like an audience in a theater. "An audience is necessary to respond to the poems," the author says," but I've created a mere "you" "mereyou" just in case the reader is not in conversation with the text. So this is an implied `Silent Actor.'"

As we watch the characters come together through their escapades--shoplifting, a marathon, a meeting at an airport--we notice that their story is interspered with moments from other lives: a grandparent's odyssey, the story of their deaths. All the poems fit together under the title's umbrella, and although there isn't an actual actor in the book, there is a relationship between the reader and the text that functions like one.

Jared Michael Wahlgren's vivid perception, along with the insightful wit in these textured pieces, make Silent Actor a collection to come back to often.

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