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by Lucy Clare

  • ISBN: 045120820X
  • Author: Lucy Clare
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  • Rating: 4.4 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Signet; Reprint edition (March 4, 2003)
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  • Category: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
epub Hoping for Hope download

Hoping for Hope Paperback – September 13, 2001. Lucy Clare was born in 1949. She studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama. She is married to the actor James Woolley, and they have four children.

Hoping for Hope Paperback – September 13, 2001. by Lucy Clare (Author). HOPING FOR HOPE is her first novel.

Hoping for Hope book. Compassionate and compelling, Lucy Clare's debut novel is an emotive page-turner par excellence. It was, by anyone's standards, a watershed of a week. It's a story about families - about hoping for understanding, hoping for support, but, above all, about hoping for Hope. About The Author: Lucy Clare is over fifty and the mother of four grown children. She lives with her husband in London.

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When Liddy visits her doctor a few days before her 50th birthday, she assumes she's menopausal

What a bad day! By Thriftbooks. com User, May 19, 2007. I really enjoyed this book.

First-time British novelist Clare attempts a "feel good" book for women approaching 50 who find their lives have lost some zip. Unfortunately, this British soap opera for the perimenopausal set elicits wonder at the author's ability to cobble together so many cliched, over-the-top characters in need of a good self-help book. Lydia "Liddy" Claver has had a bad week. Fired from her adult education job teaching jewelry making, she also discovers that her husband, Martin, is having an affair with their friend Fay.

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Written by. Manufacturer: Little, Brown & Company Release date: 20 September 2001 ISBN-10 : 0316858587 ISBN-13: 9780316858588.

Was it the owners, hoping to cash in on a big insurance payment and send their daughter to college? . Clare Cassidy is no stranger to murder.

Was it the owners, hoping to cash in on a big insurance payment and send their daughter to college? Could it have been a protester, trying to prove the treatment isn’t safe? A stunning debut about parents, children and the unwavering hope of a better life, even when all hope seems lost" (Washington Post), Miracle Creek uncovers the worst prejudice and best intentions, tense rivalries and the challenges of parenting a child with special needs. As a literature teacher specialising in the Gothic writer RM Holland, she teaches a short course on it every year.

During the week of her fiftieth birthday, Lydia "Liddy" Claver loses her job, learns that her husband is having an affair, and unexpectedly discovers that she is pregnant, forcing her to embark on a journey of self-discovery.
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Liddy Claver thinks she is going through the change. Well, in a way she is, just not what she thinks. At fifty, she is pregnant and learns that her husband is cheating on her with a friend. What's more, the baby's father is not her husband, just a much younger man she had a fling with several months ago. She is also now jobless, her adult ed class having been eliminated.
Before Liddy can find the courage to tell her husband, or anyone in her family what has happened, her lesbian, very old aunt needs her to come and take care of her while she recovers from an illness. On her way back home, Liddy goes into premature labor and winds up having to stay in Cornwall a bit longer. Hope, her new child, is almost two weeks old before anyone in the family other than the aunt finds out about her.
Liddy's husband is hurt and leaves her. Her grown children's reactions are varied. For their own reasons, each wants to adopt Hope. One daughter sees the baby as a way to save her flagging relationship with her male roommate. The gay son finds her the ideal solution to his and his partner's desire for a baby. The last daughter feels obligated to adopt Hope, as she is the only one with a stable home and family. While all these generous offers are touching, perhaps, Liddy feels quite capable of taking care of her daughter herself. That remains to be seen.
***** Unlike most British imports, this novel does not confuse the American reader with unfamiliar terms. Liddy's situation is a unique one, and so is her family. With guts and determination, she handles a life where if it's not one thing, it's three, with grace and aplomb. Humor and tears will be replete in this too unreal not to be real book. *****
Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.
Liddy is having an extremely bad week - job loss, philandering husband, no sex in 5 years with him and suddenly pregnant. For a woman about to turn 50, Liddy's life seems like the life of a twenty something turned decidedly sour.
While the book has redeeming value as a light read, Clare has used a dictionary of cliche's to come up with an over the top story. A controlling older daughter, a bulemic younger daughter and a gay son - the situation is completely predictable. The most vived characters in the book are the 90-something lesbian great-aunts Cleo and Cyn. In the mess of everything that's happened, all Liddy wants is to make things right with her husband who feels he needs to decide between her and his lover. (Honestly, would you take a cheating man back?)
Although the book is very predictable, I actually enjoyed the light, simple read - I could even understand the British vocab. Not bad if you don't want something as depressing as Oprah picks.

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