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by David B. Coe

  • ISBN: 0312870825
  • Author: David B. Coe
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  • Rating: 4.6 of 5
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Press (May 1997)
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  • Category: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
epub Children Of Amarid download

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Children of Amarid book.

Gifts from Amarid, they were called. Any man or woman who donned a forest-green cloak and bore a mage’s staff, even a stranger, was a friend and a protector.

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A Tom Doherty Associates book.

The Children of Amarid, mages who have protected the people of Tobyn-Ser for a millennium, may be behind the brutal . This trilogy particular is one I have reread many times, and I am likely to read again.

The Children of Amarid, mages who have protected the people of Tobyn-Ser for a millennium, may be behind the brutal attacks by their avian familiars. When Jaryd joins the mages, he discovers the traitor responsible for the atrocities. Recommended for fantasy collections.

The character development of this book was wonderful, and it was interesting to see all events from nearly ALL the characters' perspective (though, admittedly, this got repetitive once or twice). Definitely a good read, I can't WAIT to read the next one! A Good Spring Board For Any RPG.

David B Coe's fantasy series about wizardry and Technology clashing!

David B Coe's fantasy series about wizardry and Technology clashing! Категория.

All three volumes - CHILDREN OF AMARID, THE OUTLANDERS, and EAGLE-SAGE - are now .

The plots, characters, world building, and magic system remain the same, but the prose has been updated and polished. For those of you who are wondering, the rest of David’s epic fantasy backlist - the five book Winds of the Forelands series, and the follow-up trilogy, the Blood of the Southlands - will be re-released as well. Right now the plan is to come out with the Winds of the Forelands books in 2017, and the Blood of the Southlands series in 2018.

Comments (7)

Loved this when i was a kid. Rereading, the female characters seem very poorly developed. The relationship between the mages and their familiars is one-sided, as though the birds are merely servants. See Robin Hobb's assassin trilogy for a real relationship between human and familiar. Back to this book, the setting is fairly interesting, and I'll certainly be reading the other two books again to see how it ends. The "hero" is pretty bland, just a regular Joe who has a mage sweep into his life to tell him how special and powerful he is and in a few short weeks he saves everyone. The relationship with the love-interest was not compelling at all, no real sense of connection. There is not much character development for either of the young couple. I didn't come away feeling like i knew either of the characters, other than "they do the right thing". I liked when the narrative switched to the villains and victims, their stories added richness to the overall arc. Hoping the main characters develop more further into the trilogy and start to feel more fully fleshed out. There's a great story in here somewhere, but not sure if I'd have stuck with it if not for the nostalgia factor.
I strayed from the high fantasy genre a few years ago because I got tired of cliched, cookie-cutter fantasy. This book has brought me back into the fold!

Great story, well developed characters you can actually become involved with and enough action and suspense to keep you turning the page- it's all here. I can't wait to read Volume Two! Highly recommended!
This is the first fantasy novel that I read as a young adult and I have read this book more often than any other. It was so refreshing to reread it after the revisions. I only wish that there were more than 3 books. (Maybe an Amarid and Theron prequel)
Slowly writer
Very fast moving book full of unknowns and suspense. Almost impossible to try to figure out the end of this story
I read this for the first time almost 20 years ago. Loved it then and loved it now. Would really like the author to revisit this world and write a new story for it.
David B.Coe has always been a favorite of mine. This trilogy particular is one I have reread many times, and I am likely to read again.
I've read this book a couple of times, and I give the fiction itself 3.5 to 4 stars.

However, this Kindle implementation is awful. Multiple syllable words that end in "her" or "hers" are always separated into two words. feather becomes "feat her," gather becomes "gat her." In a book with so many birds in it, the feather problem is especially annoying.

There are other errors as well, particularly with some contractions that end in "t". "hadn't helped" became "hadn'Thelped."

I enjoyed the story, but the publisher (or whomever) has mangled the kindle version. It distracts from an otherwise enjoyable book.
I was handed this book over a decade ago by my sister. We were in the book store and I had determined that there were no books for me and was set in my curmudgeonly ways to shoot down any and all suggestions. When she handed the book, I pretty much laughed in her face, guilty of the trope of judging a book by its cover. Upon reading the plot summary on the back, however, I realized that I had been too share and that it deserved a chance.

I have never been an avid reader. Despite the fact that I like to write as a hobby and despite the fact that I am a Literature major, I do not count myself a fan of the written word. Something about this novel, however, was utterly spellbinding (no pun intended). I will admit that relationships were questionable, at best and that some aspects of the story borrow from the literary body that preceded it, but its pros far-outweigh its cons. I am certain that this book is not for everyone, but I am equally certain that if I had gone with my first instinct and passed this book over, I would likely never have found my voice. It is by no means a perfect story, but it is overwhelmingly worthy of your time.

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