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by Maeve Binchy

  • ISBN: 0385335121
  • Author: Maeve Binchy
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  • Rating: 4.6 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 512
  • Publisher: Delacorte Press; First Edition edition (September 1, 1999)
  • Formats: lrf mbr lrf mobi
  • Category: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
epub Tara Road: Oprah Selection #26 download

Tara Road (Oprah's Book Club). Faithful Maeve Binchy readers and newcomers alike will find an effortless and heartwarming read in Quentins. The book, in typical Binchy form. has many chapters that give us insight into different characters.

Tara Road (Oprah's Book Club). Mass Market Paperback. While the overarcing theme is about Quentins and making a movie about it, the book is comprised of many short stories of the people of Quentins. We learn how it got its name, Brenda and Patrick, the proprieters, have stories about them. 3 people found this helpful.

Home Maeve Binchy Tara Road Eventually a selection was made and a deposit was paid on a very small house. It was impossible to imagine what the area might look like in the future.

Home Maeve Binchy Tara Road. First published in Great Britain in 1998 by Orion. Eventually a selection was made and a deposit was paid on a very small house. At present it was full of mud, cement mixers, diggers, unfinished roads and unmade footpaths.

Items related to Tara Road: Oprah Selection A moving story rendered with the deft touch of a master artisan, Tara Road is Maeve Binchy at her very best-utterly beautiful, hauntingly unforgettable, entirely original, and wholly enjoyable.

Items related to Tara Road: Oprah Selection Maeve Binchy Tara Road: Oprah Selection ISBN 13: 9780385335126. Tara Road: Oprah Selection Maeve Binchy. A moving story rendered with the deft touch of a master artisan, Tara Road is Maeve Binchy at her very best-utterly beautiful, hauntingly unforgettable, entirely original, and wholly enjoyable.

Tara Road is a novel by Maeve Binchy. It was chosen as an Oprah's Book Club selection in September 1999

Tara Road is a novel by Maeve Binchy. It was chosen as an Oprah's Book Club selection in September 1999. It is the story of two women, one from Ireland and one from America, who trade houses without ever having met. They're both looking for an escape from their problems, but by running away, both come to discover a great deal about themselves. The book mostly concentrates on the life of Ria Lynch, the Irish woman, who has met her future husband Danny Lynch

Tara Road book I really enjoy reading books written by Maeve Binchy. No complaints so far.

When I saw that Tara Road was chosen as an Oprah selection, I thought it would be even better. Girl Meets Boy ::: Ria is a pretty if unspectacular girl. She lives with her widowed mother and older sister, takes a secretarial course, and takes a position at a real estate agency, where she meets the gorgeous and ambitious Rosemary and the dashing Danny Lynch. I really enjoy reading books written by Maeve Binchy.

I seem to have been a bit spaced ou. There's days we're all like that,' he said. Thank you for not enquiring if it sorted itself ou. These things take time. READ BOOK: Tara Road by Maeve Binchy online free. You can read book Tara Road by Maeve Binchy in our library for absolutely free.

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New York Times bestselling author Maeve Binchy has captured the hearts of millions with her unforgettable novels. Binchy's graceful storytelling and wise compassion have earned her the devotion of fans worldwide-and made her one of the most beloved authors of our time. Now she dazzles us once again with a new novel filled with her signature warmth, humor, and tender insight. A provocative tale of family heartbreak, friendship, and revelation. Та r а Road explores every woman's fantasy: escape, into another place, another life Binchy asks, and answers in her most astonishi.

Ria lived on Tara Road in Dublin with her dashing husband, Danny, and their two children. She fully believed she was happily married, right up until the day Danny told her he was leaving her to be with his young, pregnant girlfriend. By a chance phone call, Ria meets Marilyn, a woman from New England unable to come to terms with her only son's death and now separated from her husband. The two women exchange houses for the summer with extraordinary consequences, each learning that the other has a deep secret that can never be revealed.Drawn into lifestyles vastly differing from their own, at first each resents the news of how well the other is getting on. Ria seems to have become quite a hostess, entertaining half the neighborhood, which at first irritates the reserved and withdrawn Marilyn, a woman who has always guarded her privacy. Marilyn seems to have become bosom friends with Ria's children, as well as with Colm, a handsome restaurateur, whom Ria has begun to miss terribly. At the end of the summer, the women at last meet face-to-face. Having learned a great deal, about themselves and about each other, they find that they have become, firmly and forever, good friends.A moving story rendered with the deft touch of a master artisan, Tara Road is Maeve Binchy at her very best—utterly beautiful, hauntingly unforgettable, entirely original, and wholly enjoyable.
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I've only skimmed the reviews, but I saw references to what a....well, weak-willed un-liberated woman the main character is, and I suppose to some extent that's true, but I'm not sure that's the point: I think Binchy was writing to depict the Irish character in a time of unexpected prosperity and modernization of a country that took a long time to make the changes others did. Things like divorce, gay rights, adultery, money, politicis, fashion...it's all in there, and in that way reads like typical "chick lit," although the author can spin a long, involved story better than most, and is generally worth reading. My point here, however, is that this is a story of modern Ireland, in a prosperous time--which is now over, apparently--and one of increasing freedoms for its citizens, particularly women. But she makes it plain that there are still women like the ones I grew up with, the women who "stand by their man" no matter what. But she does have the art of depicting each one a little differently, and so they are interesting, each with different degrees of development. Some of the characters--the main character among them--are enough to make you want to scream, in the way they allow themselves to be treated, and others are quite inspirational. But all of them seem to be loyal helpmates, even the most independent of them, and one thing I notice about all Binchy's female characters is that they exhibit great self-control, excellent manners and supreme loyalty. Otherwise, she depicts the Irish love for community and the natural ability for friendship of the Irish, as compared to us more insular Americans: every event seems to be attended by "a cast of thousands," as she humorously terms it. We have a lot to learn from our neighbors about friendship.
Ria and Danny Lynch seem to have it all. A gorgeous home, a wealthy lifestyle, 2 beautiful children, and a loving relationship (or so Ria thinks). Their home is the gathering place for family and friends, and Ria always has something cooking to share with anyone who wants to eat. She realizes her life is no where near as perfect as she thinks, her husband is a philanderer, and her life is falling apart. One day, the phone rings, and a woman named Marilyn calls looking for Danny. She met Danny, a real estate agent, many years ago, and wishes to ask him if he knows of anyone who will house swap with her. She lives in a gorgeous home in Connecticut and needs to get away and get her mind clear again. In chatting with her, Ria says that the plan sounds good to her and they agree to swap homes for a while. In making a fresh start, no matter how brief, the women get a chance to find themselves and figure out what their futures will look like. Marilyn, who tends to keep to herself at home, gets to know all the neighbors and uncovers secrets about them that directly affect Ria. While at first, Marilyn harbors a dislike of Ria (and vise versa) they soon realize that the other woman has suffering and trials and feel love and compassion for each other. Ria, whose home is an open door to all, finds Marilyn keeps to herself and even those closest to her have never been in the house. She gets to know everyone in Marilyn's life and invites them over to swim, party, eat and enjoy themselves. I won't give away the ending, but they do end up meeting and it's very satisfying. This book is about discovery of themselves and new beginnings. I really enjoyed how the women became so protective and loving of each other, despite only speaking on the phone.
Overall, I like this book by Maeve Binchy. It takes place in the 1980's-1990's in Dublin, Ireland and follows Ria Lynch through her 20's to late 30's. She marries, has kids, enjoys prosperity due to her handsome, successful husband, decorates her fantastic house (on Tara Road of course) and has many friends. Her mom stops by the house a lot. A guy plants a kitchen garden in her yard. Her chronically-abused friend comes and cleans her house for her husband's drinking money. Her other best friend also is successful (and beautiful) and buys a nice place next door to hers. Sometimes they eat at Quentins. Sometimes they eat at Colm's Restaurant. Ria also cooks a lot and lives a life of almost oblivious happiness.

Until her daughter reaches the age of 14, then things take a downturn for Ria. The daughter suddenly turns into a terrible, irritating caricature of a spoiled teenage princess. Her son (age 9) is a comic-relief goofball who always says the wrong thing at the wrong time (kind of funny actually). Her handsome, successful husband stays handsome but less successful and turns out to be not so faithful. Anyways, a lady calls from America and they decide to swap houses for a summer. Ria and the lady both confront personal issues during their times in each others homes and grow emotionally. By the end, the good people are rewarded with success, and the bad people have suffered losses. All is well in Ireland.

The plot is meandering and so is the story-telling, but it is an enjoyable Binchy novel. The beauty of her novels is that they go nowhere fast but are entertaining and a good distraction for the mind. She has a cozy, gossipy writing style that I enjoy. Many of the characters are not fully developed, and are defined by one dominating characteristic (abused Gertie, Ruthless Rosemary, slutty Kitty, etc). If you like Binchy, you will probably like this novel and it is worth reading.

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