Online Website Builders

Using an online website builder is a quick and easy way to build your website with no HTML or programming experience required.
Read our reviews and decide which online website builder is right for you to take one of the free trials by clicking on a link on the right.

What is an Online Web Site Builder?

An online website builder is the software application that�s runs on a web server, which enables you to build your website online without any programming knowledge or training. These online website builders are normally very easy to use, and you can build a basic web site in a matter of minutes.  To make a reasonable website you need to do some preparation work before you start.  So before you start building your web site, first work out what pages you would like on your website, have your images ready to upload and have you copy ready to upload. Most of the website builders do not help you with this preparation, but you can find all you need to know on our Content Development page.

What to look for when choosing an Online Web Site Builder?

There are plenty of website builders to choose from but which one is best for you. Most of the website builders have a demo or free trail so you can try before you buy.  It could take some time to try them all, so you need to ask yourself some questions and then see if each of the website builders fit your requirements.

Do you like the templates on offer?  –  If you don’t like any of the templates, then you’re never going to build a website you like the look of.
Do you need e-commerce facilities? – If you are going to sell on the Internet, you need to be able to take credit card payments.  Some website builders do not provide this facility.
Can you upload images/logos etc.? – To personalize your website you will need to add your company logo and maybe some pictures or images of your product, so you will need this facility from your website builder.
How easy is it to use? – Most of the website builders on this page are fairly easy to use but try a few first because if you don’t find it easy to use you will not get the best results.
Can I add extra pages? Is this limited? – Some of the cheaper website builders have page limits.  This is fine if you only want a 5-page website but do check if you are likely to need more.
Do you get your domain name? – It is better to have your domain name (e.g.,  Some website builders just give you space to their domain so your website address would be which does not look very professional.
Do you get email accounts/email forwarding? – You want an email address which relates to your website that can be forwarded to your email. (e.g.,
Do you get marketing tools? – Once you have built your website you need to get visitors to see it.  Some website builders provide free tools to help you do this; some may charge extra, but you need to consider how you are going to promote your website before you start.