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by Peter Vennema,Diana Stanley,Diane Stanley

  • ISBN: 0688104142
  • Author: Peter Vennema,Diana Stanley,Diane Stanley
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  • Rating: 4.1 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: HarperCollins (September 27, 1994)
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  • Category: Kids
  • Subcategory: History
epub Cleopatra download

By (author) Diane Stanley, By (author) Peter Vennema.

By (author) Diane Stanley, By (author) Peter Vennema.

In striving for accuracy, however, the authors sacrifice the romance of the story. Stanley's drawings, on the other hand, are exquisitely wrought with vivid color and fine mosaic detail. Cleopatra was a Greek-descended Egyptian queen near the turn of the first millennium. While Julius Caesar was trying to unite the world under Rome, Cleopatra was harboring similar hopes for Alexandria. When the rulers met, however, they fell in love and attempted to conquer the world together.

Stanley, Diane; Vennema, Peter. Includes bibliographical references (p. ). Notes. no page number in the book. Egypt, Juvenile literature, Children: Grades 3-4, Biography & Autobiography - People of Color, Queen of Egypt,, Juvenile Nonfiction, Children's Books/Ages 4-8 Nonfiction, History - Ancient, Cleopatra,, Biography & Autobiography - Cultural Heritage, Biography & Autobiography - Historical, Juvenile Nonfiction, Biography & Autobiography, Historical, Kings, queens, rulers, etc, Queens, d. 30 . Biography, Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, -30 .

AUTHOR: Vennema, Peter,Stanley, Diane. Additional Product Features. Peter Vennema, Diane Stanley. Place of Publication. Biography: Historical, Political & Military. Good - Usual signs of a well read book but good overall condition. May not be suitable as a present. Like New - Mint, Fine, Good enough to give as a present. Read full description. See details and exclusions.

Cleopatra by Diane Stanley is a biographical picture book of the life of Cleopatra. I think Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema did a nice job of telling the story of Cleopatra without going into too much gory detail to scare the kids

Cleopatra by Diane Stanley is a biographical picture book of the life of Cleopatra. This book spans the time in her life from when she first became queen at eighteen years old to her death at age thirty-nine. I think this is a great alternative way for to children to learn about Cleopatra. I think Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema did a nice job of telling the story of Cleopatra without going into too much gory detail to scare the kids. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone under 4th grade, because they allude to things younger kids would not understand, but I can see it being used for a history class in the older grades.

Cleopatra's name still glitters across history, evoking opulence, ambition, and tragedy

Learning the history you missed as a kid. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 12 years ago. I have found that the best way to learn about many subjects is to pick up a children's book from the library. In a good children's book, the facts are clearly and engagingly laid out, often with wonderful illustrations.

Cleopatra VII was eighteen years old when she became Queen of Egypt in the year 51 .

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Cleopatra by Diane Stanley, Peter Vennema . In this lively, well-crafted biography, Stanley and Vennema brush the cobwebs from the popularly held portrait of Cleopatra to reveal a vital, warm, and politically adroit ruler.

In this lively, well-crafted biography, Stanley and Vennema brush the cobwebs from the popularly held portrait of Cleopatra to reveal a vital, warm, and politically adroit ruler. See all 6 brand new listings.

Johns Hopkins University.

Cleopatra's name still glitters across history, evoking opulence, ambition, and tragedy. Raised in the shadow of the mighty Roman Empire, she dared to dream of a world united under Egyptian rule. She almost succeeded, and if she had, we would live in a far different world today.

Cleopatra was not the renowned beauty of legend--her strength lay in her intelligence, courage, and charm, and she would need all three in her short and perilous reign. She became Queen of Egypt at eighteen and by twenty had been driven from her throne. But she raised an army and won the support of the great Julius Caesar, who helped her return to rule. We will never know what these two brilliant and ambitious people might have accomplished together, for Caesar soon fell to Roman assassins. Instead, it was Mark Antony, another famous Roman, who risked everything with Cleopatra in pursuit Of world power.

In this latest of their "distinguished storybook biographies" (New York Times), the authors' meticulous text and Ms. Stanley's majestic illustrations capture the brilliance of Cleopatra's life. From the enchantments of the royal court at Alexandria to luxurious cruises up the legendary Nile, from the intrigues of the Roman marketplace to a desperate sea battle with a shocking end, these award-winning biographers tell the tragic story of one of the most fascinating women of all time.

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One of the best film examples of eye & ear candy ever. Wonderful, depth of field sets highlighted with the beautiful musical score of Alex North. Part blockbuster ... part Shakespearian play. The interaction of the stars is spellbinding, especially between Taylor & Burton. Much to look for, like the pairing of hero & loyal follower; Caesar & Flavius, Cleopatra & Sosigenes, Mark Antony & Rufio, Octavian & Agrippa. War & romance, drama & humor ... a history lesson was never so enjoyable.

Full of powerful dialog ...
Octavian: "Is that how one says it? As simply as that. 'Mark Antony is dead. Lord Antony is dead.' 'The soup is hot; the soup is cold.' 'Antony is living; Antony is dead.' 'Shake with terror when such words pass your lips, for fear they be untrue and Antony'd cut out your tongue for the lie! And if true, for your lifetime boast that you were honored to speak his name even in death. The dying of such a man, must be shouted, screamed! It must echo back from the corners of the universe. "Antony is dead! Mark Antony of Rome lives no more!"
... & witty humor ...
Julius Caesar: "Two hours until dawn. We will hold where we are."
Agrippa: "And what happens at dawn?"
Julius Caesar: "I thought you knew. The sun comes up."

Bought this for a friend who doesn't have Blu-ray. The day the Blu-ray copy came available was the day I bought a Blu-ray player.
Perhaps the best thing I can say about this film is my initial experience. Went to a theater to see it in '63 ... when the filmed ended I was so stunned that I never left my seat. For the first & only time ever, I sat through the second showing of a film. The movie is 4+ hours long so I stayed glued to my seat for over 8 hours ... 'nuff said!
After nearly 50 years since the release of CLEOPATRA, it's time we got past the scandal and hype about how it nearly sank 20th Century Fox and appreciate the film for the monumental masterpiece it is. The combination of intense drama with eye-popping pageantry and spectacle has never again been seen in motion pictures, and never will. No, I'm not forgetting James Cameron's CGI shortcuts TITANIC and AVATAR, which I don't for a minute put in the same league with CLEOPATRA, a film that literally took blood, sweat and tears to create. No expense was spared, everything was built to size, and you see it all on the screen.

When CLEOPATRA was released in 1963 it was the most expensive movie ever made up to that time, and probably still is in today's adjusted dollars. Yet, even with its massive scope and opulence, CLEOPATRA's human story doesn't get buried. This is due to the intelligent script and direction, both courtesy of Joseph L. Mankiewicz, and to the excellent performances of everyone in the cast, from leading to supporting players. Elizabeth Taylor is pure perfection as the ambitious, seductive Queen of the Nile who uses her wiles to achieve her goals. She's breathtakingly beautiful, oozing with sexuality, and brainy to boot. It's simply one of Liz's best EVER. As Marc Antony, Richard Burton delivers a super-charged performance that's in total harmony with the character's complexities and grandeur of the film. He also includes plenty of his characteristic sarcasm and self-loathing, without which a Burton performance would be incomplete. The fact that he and Taylor fell in love during production worked to good advantage toward fueling the on-screen drama. In his superb portrayal of Julius Caesar, Rex Harrison brought a distinguished, world-weariness and vulnerability to the role that's so potent, his presence is felt even in the second half in which he doesn't appear. A standout is Roddy McDowall as Octavian - he's really a lot of fun to watch and almost steals every scene he's in.

The screenplay was based on several sources and takes some historical license, but most of it is factual and the political situation that existed between Rome and Egypt at the time is accurately and intricately played out. Indeed, it's fair to say that one can learn something about the ancient world from watching CLEOPATRA. Noteworthy too is that with a running time of four hours and eleven minutes, the narrative is remarkably tight. There aren't any redundant scenes or silly diversions thrown in just to eat up footage; all the action has a definite purpose, which is to serve the story. THIS is how a long movie should be made.

Not to be overlooked is Alex North's lavishly exotic musical score. While it contains the necessary epic style - plenty of pomp and grandiose fanfares - the score is also multi-layered with delicately orchestrated themes. There's a slinky, snake-like quality to the music that fits the film like an Egyptian headdress.

The art direction/set decoration and costume designs are spectacular, among the best in film history and add immensely to the viewing pleasure. In fact, CLEOPATRA won Oscars in those categories as well as for cinematography and special effects.

20th Century Fox's Blu-ray edition of this phenomenal film is flat-out gorgeous. The image is razor sharp so that the most minute details in fabrics and backgrounds register clearly. Colors are rock steady and vibrant. The 70mm format is reproduced faithfully in 1080p resolution. It really is a joy to watch this stunning presentation of such a visually rich movie. The audio is also the best it's ever been, well balanced and channeled properly so that voices are crisp and sound effects aren't overbearing. The music is clear without any distortions, making the subtler textures, muffled in previous editions, more noticeable.

The extras are the same as Fox's 2001 DVD, minus the stills gallery and foreign issue trailers. There are, however, some new features: Cleopatra Through the Ages: A Cultural History; CLEOPATRA's Missing Footage; Fox Movie Channel presents Fox Legacy with Tom Rotham; and The CLEOPATRA Papers: A Private Correspondence.

With the release of CLEOPATRA the era of grand scale, epic filmmaking was coming to an end, never to rise again. Treat yourself to a sterling example of the kind of high class entertainment Hollywood was capable of dishing out once upon a time - it'll make you forget the gossip and marvel in the artistry.

My highest recommendation.
This FOX twin-VHS set is of mid-80s vintage, a full screen dub without HiFi audio, just a monaural linear track.

CLEOPATRA (UK/USA-1963) was a legendary "flop" that won 4 Oscars, ran to full houses for months and eventually earned back its enormous cost. A bloated $44 million budget is still one of the highest ever (in 2011 dollars "Cleo" cost $300 million!).

In recent years the film has gained in popularity (see its IMDb rating). Although the story is often historically inaccurate and moves slowly in spots, this one's also consistently lavish, glamorous, bigger than life and everything a Hollywood epic used to be but is no more. If you like sprawling romantic costume dramas, you're sure to enjoy CLEOPATRA! (Highly recommended.)

We see here the initial sparks between Burton and Taylor that led to Liz's divorce from crooner Eddie Fisher (the poor guy was on the set watching as his wife strayed), and to a pair of tumultous Liz and Dïck marriages. For all her glitter and allure, Rex Harrison commands the screen when he's up against the formidable Taylor.

Supporting cast includes Hume Cronyn, Martin Landau and Roddy McDowall.

Long-time British stage actor Laurence Naismith (Arachesilaus) portrayed Merlyn in the '67 film adaptation of CAMELOT.

Desmond Llewlyn (Senator) was "Q" in 16 James Bond thrillers.

Carroll O'Connor (Casca), is best known as TV's Archie Bunker.

Finley Currie (Titus), a commanding presence on screen, was Balthazar in and narrator of William Wyler's version of BEN HUR (1959).

Jeremy Kemp (Agitator) played German pilot George Peppard's aristocratic rival in THE BLUE MAX (1966).

Calvin Lockhart (unspecified) was a familiar face in such '70s blaxploitation films as UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT,COTTON COMES TO HARLEM,LET'S DO IT AGAIN,GET CHRISTIE LOVE! and HONEYBABY, HONEYBABY.

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