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by Ann M. Martin

  • ISBN: 0590604104
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
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  • Rating: 4.4 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 145
  • Publisher: Apple (August 1, 1996)
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  • Category: Kids
  • Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life
epub Jessi's Secret Language (Baby-sitters Club) download

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Update: can you put it shortly?and can you find the history of Ann M. Martin shortly? (maximum of one page)thanks. Update 2: what is the last number of babysitters club?

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which keeps the Baby-sitters busy. Jessi's the busiest of all: she working on another secret just for Matt. Will she be able to keep the secret and pull off her special event? The best friends you'll ever have-with classic BSC covers and a letter from Ann M. Martin! In this series. The Baby-Sitters Club Super Mysteries Baby-Sitters' Haunted House. 4,82 €. More by Ann M. Martin.

Once, my family and I went to Mexico on vacation, and during the week we were there, I practically became bilingual.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. For Cary. Once, my family and I went to Mexico on vacation, and during the week we were there, I practically became bilingual. In this case, English and Spanish. The story also might never have happened if I weren’t so good at ballet.

Jessi becomes the steady sitter for the Braddocks.

item 7 Babysitters Club Collection 6: "Jessi's Secret L. .by Martin, Ann M. Paperback.

Читать онлайн Jessi's Babysitter. the Baby-sitters Club. Kristy is also just a little immature compared to her friends. Chapter 1. "Plie first pozeetion, plie second pozee-tion - nice and slowly - plie sird pozeetion, plie fourse pozeetion - veeerry slowly - plie fifs pozeetion. She's not too interested in clothes yet, she never wears makeup, and she doesn't date. But she does like a boy in her neighborhood! His name is Bart and he's very nice. Kristy's best friend is Mary Anne Spier, the secretary of the club.

This is a list of the novels in The Baby-Sitters Club, a children's book series created by Ann M. The first 35 novels were written by Martin, after which some of the books were ghostwritten; 44 of these were written by Peter Lerangis.

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Learning American Sign Language from young Matt Braddock, the club's newest charge, Jessi is swept up in local efforts to introduce sign language to the many interested children and prepares a special surprise for Matt. Reissue.
Comments (7)

There are several readers that follow the Babysitters Club's books.The girls who read this liked it and always there are lessons to be learned.
This was one of my favorite books in this series because I thought Jessi was a neat character and I loved that she was willing to learn sign language to be able to communicate with a deaf sitting charge, though there were some inaccuracies and even some faux pas in how it was presented. We also get to see Jessi in her dance classes, dealing with not fitting in herself (because she's new, because she's the youngest, and because--of course--she's black, and no one else is). And I liked the information that filtered in about the actual plot of the ballet that Jessi auditioned for, and the peek into the dance class. I took some dance when I was a kid but not ballet, so this was pretty neat to see. I was very interested in naming trends when I was a kid--actually, I still am--and I think this is the book that made me think "Haley" was a cool name. (It was the name given to the sister of Matt, Jessi's deaf charge.) Even though it bothered me that they suggested her name-sign was a flying H "like Halley's Comet," because that insinuated that "Halley's Comet" is pronounced "Haley" and it isn't. (It rhymes with "Alley," kids.) There was also a deaf girl named Adele in this book. That was the first time I heard that name and I liked it. I used both "Haley" and "Adele" as character names in future original works of fiction, and still remember that I got the names from this book. Anyway, I actually think that getting hearing kids to be interested in communicating with a deaf boy by calling it "A Secret Language" was kinda clever--I don't know if it would work, but maybe. And I liked that Matt's whole existence and personality didn't center around being deaf. He loved reading and playing baseball, and was able to play sports with the neighborhood kids without a significant amount of special treatment.
this book shows jessi to be a passionate, caring and even talented protagonist/narrator of the story. She is very much into ballet and recently joined the babysitters club, so when she babysits for a deaf 7 year old boy who communicates in sign language, she befriends him and is interested in learning it and does so and also teaches it to the neighborhood kids and help matt make friends that way who were very understanding of his situation. Also, jessi had a great awareness of how the deaf and disabled are marginalized by society for their disability and invited a bunch of deaf kids to a ballet she is dancing in and got a translator to do sign language onstage to show what the plot of the story is like as they watch the beautiful dancing, and in turn empowers them and gives them the message that just cause they can't hear music doesn't mean they cannot appreciate the arts. Also because jessi experienced racism from neighbors after moving to stoneybrook from new jersey, she could probably relate to the pain of being marganlized. Great start for jessi I love this book!
Yes I did like this book because it's by one of my favorite authors and I have almost read every single book in the series.

The book was about this girl called Jessi who has just moved into a new neighborhood. Jessi Jessi has this really great group of friends called the Baby Sitters Club. Jessi gets a sitting job for this deaf boy called Matt. Matt uses sign language instead of lip reading. Jessi is going to be in a ballet show called Coppelia and Matt's mom has been making arrangements so that the 8 kids in Matt's class can go see Coppelia. They have arranged for Haley to be the narrator and for Matt and Haley's mom to stand up on the stage and sign everything that Haley says so that Matt isn't left out. After the show Jessi finds out that Adle came to watch the show. Jessi's cousin Keshia is from Okley, New Jersey came to see Jessi be Swandelia. To celebrate the show being a success everybody who knows Jessi went to a restraunt to have ice cream.

Anybody will like this book.
Very well written. Gives the reader more than a glimpse into life taking care of a deaf child. Also instills empathy for the deaf. Guests include Katie Beth and Adele. I think Katie Beth appears in "Snowbound" also
A very touching and realistic story. It features a young boy named Matt who was born deaf and this family, the Braddocks, move into Stoneybrook. Putting Jessi as the main character in this Babysitter Club book is very interesting because the deaf cannot hear music and therefore, none of them had exactly went to watch a musical or a ballet concert. Jessi's a ballerina and she feels especially sympathetic towards the deaf in that very aspect.
This story touches on the sensitive areas of a deaf person's life, about being ridiculed by others, looked down and thought of as weird. However, the babysitters were intrigued by Sign Language and the other kids int he neighbourhood begin to slowly accept Matt and were fascinated with sign language.
We also find out more about the deaf in this book, we learn some sign language, we learn that it is crucial that the deaf are kept well away from busy roads as they cannot hear cars approaching. We also find out how some families are being inconsiderate in not bothering to take up sign language to communicate with their deaf family member and instead, expect him/her to lip-read instead. Lip reading is extremely difficult.
The story has a happy ending and reveals what Jessi does to make the children in the school for the deaf happy. A must-read.
Tori Texer
Although I felt this book lacked excitement, and seemed to drag on, it has a good message. It shows how people who are "different" are really just normal, everyday people. It shows you how people of different races are special and so are disabled people. Jessi breaks the communication barrier, and makes a new friend! I read this 10 years ago and I still remember it!

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