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by David B. Horvath,Robin Burk

  • ISBN: 0672312050
  • Author: David B. Horvath,Robin Burk
  • ePub ver: 1474 kb
  • Fb2 ver: 1474 kb
  • Rating: 4.4 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 1114
  • Publisher: Sams; Har/Dskt edition (November 1, 1997)
  • Formats: mbr mobi lit docx
  • Category: IT
  • Subcategory: Operating Systems
epub Unix Unleashed: Internet Edition download

Written by experts, they include real-world examples, definitions, tips and tricks

Written by experts, they include real-world examples, definitions, tips and tricks. Between them, these two volumes cover the specifics of the most popular UNIX variants and the use of UNIX as a full-fledged Internet server platform.

Finally, the book includes a CD-ROM with a full binary release version of FreeBSD .

David B. Horvath, Robin Burk.

This work includes real-world examples, definitions, tips and tricks. The volume covers the specifics of the most popular UNIX variants and the use of UNIX as a Internet server platform. David B. Horvath is the author of UNIX and TCP/IP for the Mainframer (. avg . See if your friends have read any of David B. Horvath's books. Robin Burk, David B. Horvath.

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Robin Burk, David B.

2nd e. system administrator's ed. External-identifier. urn:asin:0672309521 urn:acs6:unixunleashed00burk 0:pdf:661-c3d3a163dda9 urn:acs6:unixunleashed00burk 0:epub:bf1-11cf5fca4343 urn:oclc:record:1036888101. University of Alberta Libraries.

by Robin Burk, David B. Founded in 1997, BookFinder. com has become a leading book price comparison site

by Robin Burk, David B. ISBN 9780672312052 (978-0-672-31205-2) Hardcover, Sams, 1997. by Robin Burk, David B. ISBN 9780672309526 (978-0-672-30952-6) Hardcover, Sams, 1997. com has become a leading book price comparison site

Robin Burk, David G.

Robin Burk, David G. Written by experts, they includ. More). Ebola ' s Dangerous Cousins : Beware the Neglected Filoviruses. By Alex Berezow, Robin Burk, Laura Bollinger.

Who Should Read This Book.

Robin Burk and David B. Horvath, CCP, et al. Dedication. To Stephen P. Kowalchuk, who provided an IS manager and practicing network administrator's point of view. Who Should Read This Book.

Fifteen technical specialists provide a weighty, updated guide to the UNIX platform (in its minor and major variants) for novice users as well as programmers, webmasters, and system administrators. In-depth coverage is presented of GUIs (graphical user interfaces), programming, text formatting and printing, security, UNIX and the Internet, source control, and FAQs (frequently asked questions). The volume's complement is the System Administrator's Edition . The accompanying CD-ROM covers both texts in HTML format, and includes a C compiler, web software, and other tools. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
Comments (3)

It starts off with package... When I have this book, it comes with it the complete soft copy version of the book. So that it becomes easily searchable.

However, getting the hard copy, I was able to read through it and do my traditional highlighting and understanding the big picture. "Why not google it", you may ask. Well, not everything on the internet is complete. Especially the style and manner in which a subject matter is being treated. For example, reading about vi online, I don't get the introduction, history or basic usage tips and explanations step-by-step but rather based on the blogger's point of view, an extract of vi, which is mostly the case, incomplete. Typically, online blogs don't even begin on declaring vi is from ex and the relationship of vi and emacs.

This is a good book to know definitions that are no "wiki-able"... for example of what is Perl? It is "a simple yet useful programming language that provides the convenience of shell scripts and the power and flexibility of high-level programming languages." It means that Perl programs are scripts but with control and operator similar to those found in C programming languages.

The overview of the book goes like this: 7 parts - 1 : GUI. Next, Programming such as vi/Emacs, Awk, perl, C/C++ and the make utility. Part 3 touches on text formatting such as troff/nroff, macro packages, writing your own macros and tools for writers. Part 4 touches briefly on security in terms of unix security risks, its technologies and organizations. Part 5 i on unix and the internet such as HTML, MIME, CGI (which is huge section with its sub-parts on shells, perl, C/C++), HTTP and lastly monitoring web server activity. The sixth section is interestingly, source control with sections on RCS, CVC and SCCS which are 'old-school' compared to today's Git/SVN. Lastly, it touches on arcane OS that many will no longer be familiar with such as SVR4 or IRIX by having FAQs.

It is a primer on Unix for its days and it still serves as a good text to refer to. Unfortunately, for me in July 2012, I have to clear out my room and I am donating this to my university NUS and hope it remains a good book worth its value of SGD10 when I pick it up.
This book is the best book on UNIX programming around. Burk and Hovath have left no topic about programming in the UNIX environment untouched. Whether it is expaining the environment and usage of vi or emacs, or advanced CGI programming in Perl, C++, or shell, this book leaves nothing to be questioned. The organization is superb and the well documented index allows this book to be used as a reference time and time again. I would suggest this book to anybody who is working with programming in UNIX.
Fast shipping, good book thank you.

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