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epub Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express: Create Dynamic Web Pages with OAE (Easy Oracle Series) download

by Kent Crotty,Donald Burleson,Michael Cunningham

  • ISBN: 0976157314
  • Author: Kent Crotty,Donald Burleson,Michael Cunningham
  • ePub ver: 1894 kb
  • Fb2 ver: 1894 kb
  • Rating: 4.6 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 400
  • Publisher: Rampant Techpress (April 15, 2006)
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  • Category: IT
  • Subcategory: Databases & Big Data
epub Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express: Create Dynamic Web Pages with OAE (Easy Oracle Series) download

All HTML-DB concepts are described.

All HTML-DB concepts are described. The item is complete, unmarked, and undamaged, but may show some limited signs of wear. Item works perfectly. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine is undamaged.

Start by marking Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express: Create Dynamic .

Start by marking Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express: Create Dynamic Web Pages with OAE as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. All HTML-DB concepts are described, and working examples of each HTML-DB feature are provided.

Oracle Database Tips by Donald Burleson. Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express. They are further documented in Oracle document B10802. Create Dynamic Web Pages with OAE. ISBN 761573-1-4. Michael Cunningham & Kent Crotty. Note: This Oracle documentation was created as a support and Oracle training reference for use by our DBA performance tuning consulting professionals. Feel free to ask questions on our Oracle forum.

Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express. Michael Cunningham, Kent Crotty, and Donald Burleson. Oracle HTML DB Handbook. Lawrence C. Linnemeyer and Bradley D. Brown. Built with love using Oracle APEX.

Shelving: Databases/Oracle . Easy Oracle Series 3. Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express Create Dynamic Web Pages with Apex. Oracle Application Express (Apex, formerly called HTML DB) is one of the most exciting web application development tools on the market and this is the first and best HTML-DB Application express book.

Oracle Tips by Burleson. The above book excerpt is from: Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express. Often when creating application pages, the wizard will be used to quickly create a form region on a page. However, most pages have more than one region on a page, and therefore creating other processes manually to deal with the other regions is needed. It may be a process that executes in the before region processing point for populating the page, or in the after submit processing point to update the database.

This is an excerpt from the bestselling book Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express: Create Dynamic Web Pages with OAE ( by Michael Cunningham and Kent Crotty. Introduction to Apex (HTML-DB) This chapter serves two main purposes. The first is to introduce the HTML DB development environment, and the second is to provide a reference for topics that are not specifically mentioned in other chapters.

A Web-enabled Oracle database can be developed using tools such as XML and PHP but these are more complex. Published: 26 Apr 2007.

Easy Oracle PHP: Create Dynamic Web Pages. Easy Oracle HTML-DB application express: create dynamic web pages. Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express: Create Dynamic Web Pages with OAE (Easy Oracle Series). Easy HTML DB Book application – BC Oracle Support Easy HTML DB Book application. Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express: Create Dynamic Web Pages.

Michael Cunningham, Kent Crott. Create Dynamic Web Pages with OAE (Easy Oracle Series). 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express from your list? Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express. by Michael Cunningham. Published April 15, 2006 by Rampant Techpress.

By removing the guesswork from Oracle HTML manipulation, this book shows working examples of complex HTML-DBA database access and techniques for creating easy HTML-DB applications. All HTML-DB concepts are described, and working examples of each HTML-DB feature are provided. Examples of HTML-DB data access and document formatting, information on how to update Oracle HTML-DB, and methods of customizing applications with Themes and CSS are also included.
Comments (7)

Start with this book is comprehensive, detailed and enthusiastic. However they started off on the wrong foot with the misleading image that shows a cover for Oracle Application express but then the book arrives with the old cover Easy Oracle HTML DB. OK I forgive them the marketing fluff but my suspicions are raised.

As I use this book I discover the scripts have syntax errors(i.e. wrong table names, etc) and in many cases the book refers to the wrong objects in step by step exercises. Or they miss a step or ask you to do something you haven't been shown yet. Then there are times when they tell you to do things that are just plain confusing/illogical, ie. page 98 they tell me to use a date mask on the unit price (which, by the way, they sent me to the wrong table to locate on p96). I tried following their instructions to the letter, tried applying some intelligence by using a date column instead. Bottom line I could not get what they were trying to teach me to work. They failed again 2 pages later on the use of shortcuts. It did not work... (at least in my humble experience). These flaws mean I lose the point of what they are trying to teach me because I am struggling to discern their intent.

I read other reviews that stated the book was an easy read. While the language is friendly and down to earth, this is not a book that you just curl up with. I tried, even took it with me on jury duty! I tried to curl up on the couch with it but found I needed to be at a machine trying the things it was listing. Then I would get frustrated because the steps would not work.

Some parts of this book are great, they work and they get you moving on using application express. But be prepared for some serious stumbles along the way.
The Sphinx of Driz
The book is great. Much better than tutorials, etc. that are available from Oracle or the Web. I refer to it all the time.

One very important aspect is that the author explains the WHY. You don't just click settings, etc. and wonder why you did. Knowing the why behind doing things the way you do is very important to me. Certain chapters are for how to and some are for reference. It's a good mix.

The later chapters are not as informative as the first ones, but if everything were spelled out in detail it would make the book much longer. I would like to see the author publish a book on high level concepts.
This book gives very good introduction to ApEx and it's available features, almost a reproduction from help. Some explanations and their impact are valuable. Still requires some reference to specific release of ApEx. I still prefer a book like this, better than the sort of Dummies, as I love to read a hard copy than a soft copy.

But would have become the best if a full length project was dealt including applications of Java Script.
I am currently working on a project that requires Oracle Application Express (APEX) and was fortunate to have this book. Note that although the book's title indicates HTML-DB, it is based on the latest Oracle Application Express 2.0. The authors have done an exceptional job in providing great technical content along with useful examples.

The major topics on APEX are covered in an organized fashion with well thought-out and accurate examples that the reader can immediately start applying to their environment. Within no time at all, readers can have a fully functionally APEX environment setup and configured to start building applications!

When learning any new production, it is imperative to have a guide that can walk you through the basics of installation, setup and configuration. The book accomplishes this goal by providing in-depth steps that assume the reader has never seen APEX to having a secure and stable environment ready for creating their first web application in one easy to read chapter.

Before creating that first application, however, the authors provide the basics an administrator would need to know like creating and configuring workspaces and users. Although a short chapter, it contains invaluable information to better understanding how to work in the APEX environment. Finally, the reader is shown the power of the wizards in APEX and will have the opportunity to create their first fully functional web application.

By now, the reader should be comfortable working in the APEX framework. The remainder of the book continues by thoroughly explaining the Application Builder (where a developer will spend most of their time) along with creating forms and reports.

Note that this book is not a guide on simply how to use the wizards. Much of the book is dedicated to understanding the APEX framework and how to build high-quality custom web applications. Much attention is given to shared components, navigation, templates and application deployment along with useful troubleshooting tips. I would, however, have liked to seen much more on security (authorization and authentication). The authors did a wonderful job covering the important concepts of APEX and organized it in an easy to follow guide. I highly recommend this book.

Jeffrey M. Hunter, OCP
Sr. Database Administrator

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