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by McGraw-Hill

  • ISBN: 0764560085
  • Author: McGraw-Hill
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  • Rating: 4.8 of 5
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 223
  • Publisher: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill; 3 edition (March 3, 1998)
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  • Category: IT
  • Subcategory: Computer Science
epub Computers Simplified, Student Edition (3rd ed) download

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Practical English Usage (3rd ed) Michael Swan. McGraw-Hill's Essential American Idioms Dictionary.

Download textbooks, dictionaries, manuals, audio, video etc. (in English). M. Harris, A. Sikorzynska, M. Verbitskaya (2012, 136c. Practical English Usage (3rd ed) Michael Swan. Practical Everyday English: Advanced Vocabulary, Phrasal Verbs, Idioms and Expressions. Collins Steven (2009, 212p. McGraw-Hill's Essential American Slang Dictionary. McGraw-Hill's Essential Phrasal Verbs Dictionary. NTC's American Idioms Dictionary.

Computer architecture is concerned with the structure and behav- modules of the computer and how they interact ior of the various functional to provide the processing needs of the user.

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Integrating visual explanations of computer concepts with simple words and pictures, Glencoe's New Visual Approach Series appeals to today's visually oriented learner. Designed for the classroom, the texts get your students up and running with today's most popular hardware and software. The Glencoe Visual Approach Series is simply the best - and easiest - graphics-format concepts content available.
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I bought this to help my clients and friends that aren't techie at all. They own a computer and want to know more but the volumes of reading that can be done is overwhelming for many. I am a Microsoft Professional and I really enjoyed reading this from cover to cover. I found the information within to be accurate, informative, fun and fast. In fact while on vacation 2 of my relatives, who liked it as much as I did, bought it (with me in the store to be sure they found the right book)!
I really do owe the author of this book, as well as the book salesperson who included this book, without my asking, with two other books on computers which I had asked be held for me at a local bookstore for me ( all three of which I picked up later), many thanks, because I did not know that I needed this book and I absolutley did. At the time I was thinking of buying a computer for the fist time, knowing very little about computers at all, and this book provided me with information that I absolutey needed in order to make an informed choice about what kind of computer to buy. I am very happy with my purchase and don't know what I would have done without this book. The book provides a good overview of computers including hardware and software, how computers work, bytes, and types of computer systems(PC-personal computer, Macintosh, mainframe, set-top box) and then, using very helpful graphics-a typical computer, as well as operating systms, 9 pages on the Macintosh, plus a very nice introductions to the internet and web,including what the internet offers, e-mail, getting connected, web browser, multimedia on the web, web portal, children on the web, web pages and shopping, ), as well as buying a computer (considerations such as cost, Brand-name and clone,and after sale-service), upgrade(condsiderations such as cost and effective upgrades), mouse, keyboard, input and output, printer (ink-jet and laser),modem, processing ( memory-memory size, program requirements, memory chips, virtual memory,ROM and CPU, Memory Cache and Bus). If you are thinking of buying a computer, especally if you are new to computers, but even if you are not, I really can't recommend this book enough to help you in making your decision. The edition of this book that I have is the Fourth Edition © 1998 and it only goes up to the Windows 98 operating system and Windows NT in Windows and Mac OS 8 in Macintosh (UNIX is also covered, as is MS-DOS), however. It's time for a new edition.
I started a Computer Tutor Service in Ocean Pines, MD and wanted to get a easy book to read and understand for my clients. I spent many hours looking for just the right book. This is that book! I even learned a few things myself. Now I have a few copies and when someone doesn't understand something, one picture is worth a thousand words, I just loan them the book. Many clients buy it as a reference.
I keep this book around to loan to new computer users - those who are befuddled by the plethora of jargon, buzz words, and tech-speak that everyone ELSE seems to understand. This volume gives basic introductions to PC's, Macs, any peripheral you care to name, the current major operating systems and how to get around in them, and a beginers guide to the internet. Definately a best buy.
great book easy to read shows exactly what is on the screen, and what buttons to push where to look in and on computer very good
Dead Samurai
This book is a must read for all of our computer students here at First Bytes Computer School. It is especially helpful for first-time computer buyers and beginning students. We keep copies on hand for reading before and after classes.
As a computer teacher of older adults, the "simplified" books are excellent for beginning students. I would like fewer "cutesy" graphics, but the information is good, and it works well for beginning students.
Seemed to sacrifice text and depth for graphics. Gives a definition of terms, but not an explanation of what the terms actually are. The definitions often leave you with more questions.

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